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Prince Of Darkness
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JForum to PHPBB

Post by Prince Of Darkness »


I have a forum with the jforum script and i'm converting it to phpbb.
The structure is set but the database seem incompatible, at least it think they are.

They're both in MySQL but the tables in the jforum start in jforum_config and the phpbb are phpbb_config.

Can i use the jforum database in the phpbb forum?

If not how can i convert them?


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Re: JForum to PHPBB

Post by Ciao121 »

I succesfully did it. I can make it for you. PM me with you forum numbers if you are interested.
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Re: JForum to PHPBB

Post by Azrahn »


Has anyone else managed this migration? I find myself in the same position with having to transfer JForum to phpBB and the last time I tried this I got a little bit mixed up and pretty much failed in my attempt.


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