Language files frozen - PLEASE READ!

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Language files frozen - PLEASE READ!

Post by psoTFX »

To all the people who've volunteered to translate all the files in the lang_english directory currently in CVS (most recent commit being ~1.50am GMT 18th December) your time has come :D

This applies to:

Bulgarian : Boby Dimitrov
Chinese (Taiwan/Hong Kong) : ivictorc
Dutch (Netherlands) : BartVB/AndreStarTrek
Dutch (Belgium) : cheezycrust
Finnish : Bullitt
French : Helix
German : Rici/Thunder
Greek : arttor
Italian : teosno
Irish : paulca
Norwegian : water
Polish : SuperSonic
Portuguese : ?
Portuguese (Brazil) : Fallen
Russian : borz_off
Spanish : alexis
Swedish : Svenneman
Turkish : dizzywalker

We've put a tentative freeze on all the lang_english files. This means we'll change language variables only if you as translators run into an issue you cannot solve any way other than by modifying the actual layout of text. You may still see commits of lang_english files, these are intended only to fix spelling and English grammar issues ... hopefully.

Do be prepared though for possible updates to these files to be required.

Right, with that said, could everyone listed above please post here whether you'll be okay with obtaining all the files yourselves from CVS or if you'd prefer us to email them to you. Please post even if you don't want them emailed, just say you'll CVS them yourself (this enables us to make we've not lost anyone along the way!).

Don't forget we'll be need translations of: lang_main, lang_admin, lang_faq and now lang_bbcode (please note the comments in that file!) as well as all email templates in the email directory.

In addition if you have access to a graphics package (particulary photoshop but anything that can successfully read photoshop .psd files which include layers) you can download the graphic construction kit for subSilver from: ...

Please do not make this package available to anyone else! It is being made available purely to allow translations to occur. You should produce translations of all existing buttons which contain text, don't worry about buttons which are purely symbols. If you aren't able to produce these button translations yourself, don't panic! Please let us know and we can work something out.

When you've finished a translation please return it to us at:

and we'll commit it to CVS and package it up for separate download.

Good luck and thanks for helping :)
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Post by alexis »

I have CVSed the files and i am starting right now translating to spanish, i have also downloaded the graphics package and will be using Photoshop to translate images.

Alexis Bellido
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Post by dizzywalker »

same as alexis for Turkish
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Post by Fallen »

Brazilian-Portuguese started.
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Post by Bullitt »

Using CVS and starting now on Finnish translation.
- Bullitt
Boby Dimitrov
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Name: Borislav Dimitrov

Post by Boby Dimitrov »

I'm using the CVS files since 1.59 for lang_main, diff-ing for every version, so it's up to date. Paul please post an email, where to send the ready files. Thanks.

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Post by teosno »

I'd prefer if you can send me and e-mail with the files.
I think I can translate buttons too, but I have to cjeck the files I've downloaded.
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Post by Svenneman »

I would like to have the files emailed to me and I think I'll be able to do the graphics too
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Post by Thunder »

at the moment i am to busy to clean up/to get the german translation up 2 date. but probably i'll do it on saturday... hope i have time. ricky how are you doing?

...i am getting it from the CVS
Ciao... Thunder
Hannes Minimair
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Post by SuperSonic »

I just got the good stuff from CVS and am translating it. I also should be able to do the graphics.
Mike SuperSonic .:.
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Translation to French

Post by Helix »

I'm updating lang files to the last CVS... and I'll try to translate buttons images also... :roll:

PS : You can remove Kraven of the list... he translated nothing... and never helped me...
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Post by psoTFX »

Rather than email these files to those who can't access CVS they are packaged up in a .zip at the following URL:

Grab 'em from here :)
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Dutch translation

Post by cheezycrust »

I can get the files from CVS, the images should be possible, but I'll let you know if I get in trouble.

Since there seem to be some Dutch translations already going around, I'll try to contact all the authors and see if we can end with one project. The NL-nl and NL-be translation won't differ much, I'll see what to do with it.
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Post by BartVB »

At the moment I'm taking care of lang_main and lang_admin in /lang_dutch/

AndreStartrek will do the rest of the translations (right?). IMO it's best to wait until those files have been completely translated and all (future) additions and alterations have been made before we change it to belgian. This because (as you said) belgian alterations will be minor.
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Post by psoTFX »

Right, there is still nothing here from the following people:

Portuguese : Pincel
Greek : arttor

borz_off has replied in the other topic so I've removed you from the unreplied list (could you reply here all the same, ta muchly).

If the others don't reply by next Monday I'll re-open requests for these languages (or ask the person in any double teams who has replied if they'll handle the translation themselves).
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