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Convert Toast 1.6 to phpbb

Post by VinceDee »

I found jerryt's old posts about trying to convert Toast to phpbb. He never did quite seem to get it done (based on his posts).

Now it's my turn. The UCS does not appear to be currently available (though I downloaded what seems like it's supposed to be the converter, written by's password protected though).

Anyone figured out how to do this conversion?

Much thanks for your help,


UDATE: I just figured out my way around the password problem (instead of trying to extract it from within Windows the usual way, just open the compressed file by double clicking on it and dragging the files out of the explorer window onto your desktop), and I found the UCS software (right in the downloads section...duh...but it was a different color text, which threw me off).

But maybe I'm misunderstanding something here. I want to transfer all of my users, messages, etc from my old bulletin board to the phpbb. But the usage instructions for UCS says that both forums must use the same database. Does that mean the same type of database (like Access or MySQL) or does it mean the same filename (db_forum, for example)?

I'm sure all of this is a helluva lot simpler than I'm thinking here, so could somebody tell me what's what?


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Post by D¡cky »

It means the same database. Both forums tables have to be in the same database. The preference is to use a MySQL database, so if you are using an MSAccess database now, you will have to convert it to MySQL.

As for the UCS convertor, you will need to create a file that is specific to the conversion of the Toast forum to be used with the common UCS file. Read the first couple of posts in the UCS topic on how to do that and also look at the files that Ashe has created to convert message boards.
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