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phpKit to phpBB2 and phpBB3

Post by birdamla »


I use the "phpkit" system and now I want to transfer to "phpbb" But I also do not want my former contacts and members or my forum data to go away with the transfer to the new system. Can you please help me out on this? You can reach "phpkit" version via, the version I use is 1.6.03

I would be appreciated if you helped me transfer to the new version ("phpbb") without my losing former/current contacts, members and my forum data.

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Re: phpKit to phpBB2 and phpBB3

Post by dvdd127 »

phpbb is not a CMS like phpKit...I am not sure this will be possible to convert to phpbb without losing everything....

You might be better off posting a thread in the Converters board for more information though.


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