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Who to contact concerning forums

Posted: Sat May 17, 2003 11:48 am
by Marshalrusty
We are increasingly being informed and/or asked to "shutdown" phpBB based forums on other sites. For the record please remember that we have absolutely NOTHING to do with ANY forum beyond those hosted at and

phpBB Group writes, maintains and supports the phpBB software. We do not maintain nor do we have any control over 3rd party use of our software. The GPL, the license under which phpBB is released explicitly prevents us from limiting what the end-user may do with our software. Only when the software is re-distributed and/or modified can we take action under the license terms.

Therefore please DO NOT contact us in ANY WAY concerning what may be happening at forums beyond This includes emailing personal addresses of phpBB Team members. Such emails may be regarded by us as spam and forwarded to your service provider.

If you don't get any response from the administrators or moderators of the third-party forum, you might want to contact the abuse department of the hoster of the third-party forum. Please refer to a whois service (see Google for details) in order to find out the hoster. More details can be found in the FAQ.

Please also note that where appropriate we will do whatever we can to recoup losses of any kind should such actions be taken against or team members.

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