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2.2 Feature List [ updated 25 May ]

Posted: Sun May 25, 2003 2:04 pm
by psoTFX
This is a non-exhaustive overview of key features currently in place in 2.2 CVS. Many additional features are scheduled for M-3 and M-4.

You can see 2.2 as it develops at

Area51 [ ]

Please remember it's a work in-progress and thus may be buggy or simply not work at all at times. Please do not report any bugs at this time.

  • New "plug-in" style caching system, see following
  • Timed JIT file based auto-caching of queries
  • "Intelligent" auto-caching of "global" data
  • JIT caching of compiled templates to further reduce load
  • Centralised caching folder layout (minimising work needed for install)
  • Updated subSilver layout, a cross between subSilver and PSO/Euclid :D
  • Simplification of HTML/CSS compared to subSilver 1
  • Updated and extended subSilver imageset
  • Consistent error output and reporting
  • "Jump to forum" box displays only forums with list permission set
  • Optional server side topic read tracking
  • Addition of Firebird database server support
  • Planned full support of Oracle
  • Improved DB debugging output and timings (MySQL only)
  • Additional templating vars to allow prevention of output of disabled options
  • Re-integration of many disparate source files where appropriate
  • Use of OOP where most appropriate
  • Reduction in number of variables defined global
Templating Engine
  • Updated templating engine
  • Improvements in speed and reduction in load
  • Default file based caching of compiled templates
  • Ability to use basic conditional logic; IF, ELSEIF, ELSE, ENDIF, BEGINELSE, INCLUDE, PHP, INCLUDE_PHP
  • Conditionals can use simple logic and comparators; < = > ! and or mod neq lt gt, etc.
  • Conditional system based on highly popular "Smarty engine"
  • Continued moving of source based (2.0) conditionals to template
  • Slight increase in complexity offset by increased flexibility (IMHO :D)
  • Ability to use or include PHP set on a per template basis by board admin
  • INCLUDE statement allowing easy addition of external (repetitive) HTML
  • All defined language vars available to template without explicit assignment
Permissions Engine
  • OOP based auth permission system
  • Simple API for setting and obtaining permissions
  • Caching of user permissions
  • Ability to add new permission options through simple INSERT (API provided)
  • Yes, Unset, No based system, No takes precedent when set
  • Greater flexibility than 2.0

Posted: Sun May 25, 2003 2:04 pm
by psoTFX
Administration Control Panel (ACP)

  • Updated ACP layout
  • Embedded HTML for consistent look and feel
  • Split many existing options into new sub-categories
  • Overview of recent actions on ACP index
  • List of unverified users on ACP index
  • Ability to verify, remind or remove unverified users on ACP Index
  • Ability to reset global post, topic, user counts
  • Ability to reset "most online" date and user count
  • Ability to reset "board started" date
  • Can backup DB to a local file on server
  • Additional zip and bzip compression options (server dependent)
  • Can restore from local file on server
  • Can re-index fulltext search tables
Permissions Overview
  • Updated layout and structure
  • Caching of permissions improving speed
  • Can set permissions per user or per group
  • Ability to skip permission options if Yes or No are not explicitly reqd
  • Ability to insert new options through single query
  • Ability to "save" common presets for options in each permission screen
  • Admin permissions
    • Can set numerous individual admin options, e.g. banning, user management, etc.
    • Can set options for users and/or groups
    • Can select multiple users/groups at once
    • Installing user becomes "Founder", cannot be banned, demoted, etc.
    • Can set forum, super mod and mod permissions directly from admin permissions
  • Forum permissions
    • Can mass set permissions for list of forums
    • Can mass set permissions for range of users/groups
    • Can cascade permission options to subforums
    • Can inherit permissions (if approp) from parent forum
  • Moderator permissions
    • Can mass set permissions for multiple forums
    • Can set range of options for users and/or groups, e.g. lock topics, merge topics, etc.
    • Can select multiple users/groups at once
    • Can set forum options directly for this forum
  • Super Moderator permissions
    • Return of Super Moderators
    • Same list of options as for Moderator Permissions
    • Can set forum options for all forums
  • User permissions
    • Functions formerly set in user management now set as permissions
    • Options include; disable username changing, disable email changing, etc.
  • Usergroup permissions
    • As per user permissions but applied to all member users
Forum management
  • Updated forum management
  • Unlimited nesting of subforums
  • Ability to create forum as a link to remote URL
  • Improved control of forum options
  • Can enable/disable topic icons per forum
  • Auto-pruning can optionally prune old polls, stickies and announcements
  • Can set topics per page seperately for each forum
  • Can set a forum password
  • Can style each forum seperately
  • Can count redirects for forum links to remote URLs
  • Can assign an "image" for each forum
  • Can select multiple forums
  • Can choose to optionally remove old polls, announcements and stickies
Authentication (login verification)
  • Plug-in authentication modules
  • Standard are; DB, LDAP and Apache
  • Plug-in structure allows addition of plug-in specific options
Avatar options
  • As per 2.0
Board defaults
  • As per 2.0 plus:
  • Can set global DST "on" option
  • Can set maximum characters in post
  • Can set maximum smilies in post
  • Can set maximum nested quotes in post
  • Can set editing time for posts
  • Can allow/deny global subscribing of topics
  • Can allow/deny global subscribing of forums
  • Can allow/deny global changing of usernames
  • Can set min/max username length
  • Can limit type of characters in username; Any, Alpanumerical,Alpnumerical + spacers
  • Can set min/max password length
  • Can allow/deny multiple registrations under same email address
  • Can allow/deny global use of attachments
  • Can allow/deny global use of "diable word censor"
Board settings
  • As per 2.0 plus:
  • Can set disabled board message
  • Can disable any new registrations
  • Can enable/disable visual confirmation (see later)
  • Can enable/disable COPPA
  • Can enable/disable private messaging
  • Can define max number of private messaging folders
  • Can define max messages in each folder
  • Can disable display of "Last Edited by" information
  • Can set min and max word lengths for fulltext indexing
Cookie settings
  • As per 2.0
Email settings
  • As per 2.0 plus:
  • Ability to disable all email functions
  • New "Contact" email address for reporting errors, spam, etc.
  • New "Replyto" email address for bounced messages, etc.
  • Ability to define SMTP server port for SMTP server use
Load settings
  • System load limiter (if applicable)
  • Session load limiter (currently "per minute", may extend to "IP based")
  • Can enable/disable "dotted" (posted to) topic indication
  • Can enable/disable server side mark read tracking
  • Can enable/disable "online user" listing
  • Can set "online user" time
  • Can enable/disable "Birthday" listing
  • Can enable/disable listing of moderators
  • Can enable/disable Search facility
  • Can set search flood time limiter
  • Can enable/disable fulltext indexing of new posts
  • Can enable/disable fulltext based phrase searching
PHP Information
  • Output of phpinfo()
Server settings
  • As per 2.0 plus:
  • Can define IP validation matching extent, match on; All, None, Class B, Class C
  • Can enable/disable session validation of browser
Usergroup management settings
  • New ACP base group management
  • Can create, delete, edit existing groups
  • Can set multiple group moderators
  • Can assign "colours" groups, colours will be assigned to member users
  • Can assign group rank to all member users
  • Can set various "user options" for all group members, e.g. timezone, dst, etc.
  • New group type "Freely open", any user can join without validation
  • New group type "Special" for set of new default groups
Administration Logging
  • All ACP actions logged in significant detail
  • Deletion of log entries under permission/founder control
  • Sorting on username, IP, time, action
Moderator Logging
  • All MCP actions logged in detail
  • Deletion of log entries under permission/founder control
  • Sorting on forum, username, IP, time, action
  • Can define upload location
  • Can set maximum filesize of single attachment
  • Can set global HDD quota for posts and private messages
  • Can set global maximum number of attachments per post/message
  • Can enable/disable global inline display of image attachments
  • Can enable/disable thumbnail facility for images (server dependent)
  • Can set maximum image dimension (server dependent)
  • Can enable display of link to image if dimensions greater than specified
  • Can add/edit list of allowed extensions
  • Can assigned extensions to groups for simplified control (see next)
  • Can enable inline/download of extension groups
  • Can define maximum filesize of extension groups
  • Can set attachment icon for each extension group (displayed when not inline)
  • Can order listing of attachments in viewtopic; type, time, etc.
Topic/Post Icons
  • Quick view listing of topic/post icons
  • Can add/edit icons
  • Can move relative positions of icons upon display
  • Can enable/disable display of icons on posting form
  • Can import/export icon paks
  • Same as Icons above
Word Censors
  • As per 2.0
Style Management
  • Still under active development, features likely or implemented:
  • Online editing of compiled (cached) templates
  • Online editing of theme data through new interface
  • Seperation of images from template
  • Move towards CSS styling but with simplified access for "novices"
  • Seperation of User, Email and IP banning
  • Return of time limited banning; hour, day, specified date, etc.
  • Can give a reason for ban, reason will be shown to user when visiting
  • Can defined "excluded from ban" users, users will be able to visit board even if their Username, Email or IP falls within a banned set
User management
  • Under development, similar functionality as UCP + extras
  • Built-in whois lookup of registration IP
Prune Users
  • Prune on range of options; specified username, email, join date (before, on, after) last active (before, on, after), post count (<, =, >), list of usernames
  • Can delete or retain topics/posts (as per 2.0 user deletion)
  • New layout

Posted: Sun May 25, 2003 2:05 pm
by psoTFX
Moderator Control Panel (MCP)
  • Addition of topic merge and copy
  • Quick moderator controls extended (see Viewtopic entry later)
  • Extension and improvement of resyncing capability
  • MCP broken into several tabbed sections:
  • Front End
    • List of posts in forum awaiting approval
    • Most recent reported posts
    • Most recent logged actions
  • Moderator queue
    • Approve posts
    • Unapproved posts clearly shown in viewforum/viewtopic
  • Reported posts
    • Reported posts listing
    • Reported posts clearly shown in viewforum/viewtopic
  • View logs
    • Detailed moderator action log
  • View forum controls
    • Mass/individual moderator control
    • Can delete, lock, unlock, move, copy, resync
  • View topic controls
    • Can set topic icon, title, etc.
    • Can merge selected posts into a destination topic
    • Simple selection of destination topic via View forum controls
    • Updated post information output for IP, etc.
  • Forum info
    • Can set forum title
    • Can set forum description
    • Can lock forum
    • Can set forum style
User Control Panel (UCP)
  • Complete redevelopment of 2.0s profile system
  • Plug-in based modular system, easy to add new modules
  • Tab and menu based
  • Seperation of existing profile into three sections
  • Front end
    • Introductory text
    • Global Announcement listing
    • Basic user information, registered when, post count, etc.
    • List of subscribed topics
    • List of subscribed forums
    • Ability to unsubscribe from topics/forums
  • Profile
    • Change username (if permitted)
    • Change email address (if permitted)
    • Require confirmation of email address if changed
    • Change password
    • Require confirmation of password if changed
    • Require confirmation of current password if changing username, email, password
    • Update profile fields as per 2.0 plus
    • Set Jabber contact info
    • Set birthday (day/month and year if desired)
    • Update signature overhaul
    • Form looks like posting, inc. posting controls
    • Can preview signature before saving to DB
    • Can disable HTML, BBCode, smileys, auto-urls
    • Avatar options as per 2.0 but overhauled for new panel
  • Preferences
    • Basic preferences as per 2.0 plus set DST, receive mass emails
    • Can enable/disable viewing of avatars
    • Can enable/disable viewing of images (appears as [ image ] with link to image itself)
    • Can enable/disable viewing of flash (appears as [ flash ] with link to flash itself)
    • Can enable/disable viewing of signatures
    • Can enable/disable word censoring
    • Can set sorting, limiting of topics in viewforum
    • Posting defaults as per 2.0
  • Work on buddy/ignore lists and overhaul of pm scheduled for M-3/M-4
  • At least one other module to be added (all being well :D)
  • Registration
    • Simplified quick registration procedure
    • COPPA age select based on birthday (if COPPA enabled)
    • Username, Password, Email options as per ACP and Profile
    • Highly secure visual confirmation image, doesn't require GD, Imagemagick or netpbm only zlib, fallback to singular image output if zlib unavailable
    • Ability for visually impaired users to contact admin if reqd.
    • Information on activation method; email, COPPA, etc.
    • Retain IP of registering user

Posted: Sun May 25, 2003 2:05 pm
by psoTFX
  • As per 2.0 plus:
  • General reduction in processing on submittal
  • Addition of topic and per post icons
  • Addition of new colour selector to template
  • Emoticon selector templating improved
  • Moderator can lock topic when replying
  • Moderator can lock post from further editing
  • Limited editing time
  • Multiple attachments per post
  • Attachment comments
  • Addition or editing of attachments when editing post
  • Simplified poll option entry
  • Define max number of option choices (multi-choice polling)
  • Can quote directly from topic review window
  • Renovated BBCode parser
  • Minimum processing of bbcode to reduce load while retaining flexibility
  • Ability to template bbcode or use built-in HTML representations
  • Addition of (currently) PHP syntax highlighting
  • Addition of flash bbcode
  • Addition of new list type options
  • List now XHTML compliant
  • Planned addition of admin defined bbcodes
  • Reduction in smiley processing, now pre-processed but retain definable path
  • As per 2.0 plus:
  • Altered layout to improve consistency with viewtopic
  • Template can seperate announcements from other topics
  • Output total number of topics in forum
  • Addition of topic icons
  • Template can skip topic icon column if not required
  • Indication of unapproved and reported topics/posts
  • Indication of attachments
  • Topic type prefix templatable (i.e. can skip output of "Locked:", "Announcement:", etc.)
  • Can subscribe to forum
  • Can search directly from viewforum
  • Default sort time and order user definable (see UCP)
  • Indication of posted to topics, "dotted topics"
  • As per 2.0 plus:
  • Updated layout for clearer post subject viewing, etc.
  • Post icons
  • Printer friendly output option (templated)
  • Email topic title/link to friend (with note if required)
  • Jump to first unread/last post
  • Complete seperation of variable output to template, e.g. icons, edited info, signatures, etc.
  • Report post feature with priority levels
  • Additional quick mod tools; merge, copy, sticky, announce, global announce, view topic moderator log
  • Total number of posts output
  • Fully templated attachment output
  • Inline display of images
  • Inline display of thumbnails (server dependent)
  • Attachment viewed counter
  • Reduction in load from parsing posts
  • Improved highlighting filter
  • Skipping of avatars, images, flash, sigs under user control (see UCP)
  • Improved output of poll results
  • Ability to change vote once cast
  • As per 2.0 plus:
  • Permission defines viewing capability
  • Output of additional profile options
  • Sort by column title header
  • Output of total user count
  • Extended user search facility
  • Search on various profile fields, active date (before, on, after), post count (< = >), registration date (before, on, after), posting IP/s, etc.
  • Can select multiple users into appropriate form textfields
View Profile
  • As per 2.0 plus:
  • Updated layout to better handle additional available data
  • Colourised username
  • Online status
  • Most active forum inc. post count/%
  • Most active topic inc. post count/%
  • Last visited date
  • Listing of group memberships
  • Output of signature
  • Updated style in keeping with other changes
  • Output of todays birthdays (optional, see ACP)
  • Output of Usergroup colouration legend
  • Non-postable forums (category) now behave as other forums when clicked
  • Output of subforum listing for parents (if desired)
  • As per 2.0 plus:
  • Multiple group moderators/leaders
  • Assign rank, avatar(?) to group members