New Management Team

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New Management Team

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This past week we have adopted three new management positions within the phpBB Teams that we hope will better prepare us for the future. These management positions will run the project along side the Team Leaders with equal power. The Team Leader's group has been renamed to the Management Team to better describe these people since the new positions won't lead any teams. These positions are Business Manager, Operations Manager and Website Manager.

The Business Manager will oversee all business related aspects of phpBB. His first task will be to found a non-profit organization for phpBB to give us more power and protection of copyrights and other assets. He will ensure that all rules and regulations corporations have are being followed. This position will be filled by ChrisRLG.

Do not worry. PHPBB HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE FREE! We will never charge any amount of money to use phpBB. We are creating a company to ensure that phpBB will always remain free and will be better able to serve the community by having sufficient funds for events, server hardware, and in the future possibly employing people. More information on the company will be provided at a later date.

The Operations Manager will work primarily within the existing teams. If a task doesn't fall within the jurisdiction of a Team Leader then the Operations Manager will be in charge of the task. Most of the time Team Leaders need to focus on their teams and don't have time to deal with other issues. This is where the Operations Manager will step in. He will be the liaison between teams and ensure information is flowing properly. He will organize meetings of the Management Team. Team Leaders will still be in charge of their teams. This position will be filled by wGEric.

The Website Manager is not a new position. We used to have a Website Team. Since each team has been taking care of their respective sections of the site the Website Team has never had any members. We decided to remove the Website Team and change the title of the Website Team Leader to Website Manager. He will continue to coordinate between all of the teams to ensure the website is working smoothly and following the style guide correctly. dhn will continue to serve in this position.

We will add more management positions as we grow and find we need them. We hope that this structure will allow us to grow even more with as few growing pains as possible and ensure that we continue to operate in a productive manner.

You may discuss this announcement here: ... &t=1269405
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