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Support Toolkit RC1

Post by Marshalrusty »

I am proud to announce the availability of the first public Support Toolkit package.

Over the past two years, the Support Team has identified some of the most common issues presented by administrators. The Support Toolkit provides a simple means of identifying and solving these common problems without the need to directly modify the database or run separate unverified scripts.

The simple installation (just upload the files) and modular framework make this tool ideal for new phpBB administrators as well as seasoned coders who may wish to expand the tool-set offered.

This Toolkit also represents the first joint venture between the Support Team and a member of the community. Special thanks to Erik Frèrejean and EXreaction for taking the initiative to make this possible.

We would like to remind everyone that because this is a Release Candidate, the Toolkit should not yet be suggested as a means of fixing problems presented by users in the Support Forum. Those of you who are comfortable with using unreleased software are welcome to test this package and provide feedback.

More information and downloads can be found on the Support Toolkit page. Please submit any bugs/suggestions to the Support Team tools bugtracker.

~ The Support Team and EXreaction

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