Support Toolkit RC2

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Support Toolkit RC2

Post by Marshalrusty »

I am proud to announce the availability of the first supported Support Toolkit package.

If you are unfamiliar with the toolkit, please see the RC1 release announcement and the Support Toolkit page.

Starting with this version, the Toolkit will be officially supported. LIkewise, the use of the Toolkit may now be recommended within support topics. Members of the community who assist others are encouraged to become familiar with the functions included in the Toolkit.

Those who have 1.0.0-RC1 installed should delete the stk folder and replace it with 1.0.0-RC2. The following changes have been made in this version:
  • [Fix] Remove hardcoded location of the toolkit (Bug #47375)
  • [Fix] Make sure the menu is sorted correctly when using a translated version
  • [Fix] Changed the message displayed when the Sanitise user tool doesn't do anything (Bug #47405)
  • [Fix] Invalid XHTML in the profile list tool
  • [Fix] Don't break the layout when displaying large query results
  • [Fix] Non-existant style causes STK to not start (Bug #47925)
  • [Fix] Version check for hosts with strange fsockopen settings (Bug #47445)
  • [Fix] Don't disable the STK if the version check file couldn't be found (Bug #48845)
If you require assistance with installation or any of the tools provided with the Toolkit, please start a topic in the Support Forum. Please submit any bugs/suggestions to the Support Team tools bugtracker.

Thank you, and enjoy.

The phpBB Team

You may discuss this announcement in the discussion topic.
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