A Change in Development Leadership

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A Change in Development Leadership

Post by Marshalrusty »

After seven years of working on the Development Team, four of which were in the lead position, we regret to announce that Meik Sievertsen (Acyd Burn) has stepped down from his post.

Meik joined the phpBB Development Team in February of 2003, then under the leadership of Paul S. Owen. When Paul moved on to pursue other endeavors in September of 2005, Meik stepped up to fill his shoes. Since that time, primary development of phpBB 3.0 was completed and we are now well on our way to working on the 7th maintenance release. Under Meik's leadership of development, phpBB has not only maintained its status among internet software, but gone above and beyond to improve upon past experiences. Meik will continue contributing to the phpBB project in the role of Server Manager, a position established to oversee proper configuration and maintenance of the systems powering the various phpBB.com websites.

The position of Development Lead has been picked up by Nils Adermann (naderman). Nils joined the Development Team at the end of 2005 to assist with search and authentication plugins. He played a key role in phpBB3's beta phase, speeding up development after a long period of limited activity. Most recently, he has been involved with planning the development of phpBB4. Nils was also the primary organiser and an active voice at last year's Developer Meeting in Köln.

Please join us in thanking Meik for his contributions to the project and the tremendous amount of dedication he has shown over the years. Likewise, we welcome Nils to the hot seat and wish him continued success at conquering our present and future challenges.

- The phpBB Team

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