Support Toolkit 1.0.0-PL1 released

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Erik Frèrejean
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Support Toolkit 1.0.0-PL1 released

Post by Erik Frèrejean »


Due to the release of phpBB 3.0.7-PL1, we're releasing a small update for the Support Toolkit. This release will make sure that the database cleaner included in the STK will work correctly on a phpBB 3.0.7-pl1 installation.

Update notes:
When updating from 1.0.0 please make sure that you delete the old STK folder from your server before uploading the new version.

If you are unfamiliar with the toolkit, please see the Support Toolkit page.

As always, assistance with installation, updating or any of the tools provided with the Toolkit is available in the Support Forum. Please submit any bugs/suggestions to the Support Team Tools bugtracker.

Thank you, and enjoy.

The phpBB Team


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Re: Support Toolkit 1.0.0-PL1 released

Post by Phil »


Translations for the Support Toolkit are now available. To download them, simply visit the STK page here on

To use a translation, simply place it in the language folder in the stk/ directory.

If you have any additional questions, please seek assistance in the Support Forum.

The phpBB Team
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