Libertyvasion 2010

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Libertyvasion 2010

Post by Marshalrusty » Fri Mar 12, 2010 10:32 pm

It gives me great pleasure to announce and provide some preliminary information about our plans to hold an event this summer.

After the success of Londonvasion 2008, we expressed our intention to hold annual events in different locations around the world. Due mostly to time constraints, we made the difficult decision of skipping the organisation of a conference last summer and instead held or participated in some smaller events (The Management/Developer Meeting, OSCON, etc.). We have been accumulating our excitement and are determined to make up for lost time this year!

21st August, 2010

We chose a date that would not conflict with other relevant conferences taking place during the summer.

The Location
The Times Square Area
New York City, NY
United States of America

Below is a map of the area. The exact name/address of the venue will be announced at a later time. As you can see, some hotels and other interesting points have been marked for your convenience. These will be updated as more information is received and announced.


Admission to the event will require prior registration. We will charge a nominal fee (Londonvasion was £10) to dissuade registration by individuals who have no intention of actually attending. Another announcement will be posted when the registration page is opened. A large meeting room has been booked and plenty of tickets will be available.

Please email libertyvasion[AT]phpBB[DOT]com if you or your organisation are interested in sponsoring Libertyvasion. We would be happy to distribute your materials or discuss alternative means of advertising during the event. In addition to the physical event itself, we will be publishing photos and videos (as was done for Londonvasion).

Post-conference social event
After the conference, we will reconvene at a local restaurant/bar for a social event lasting into the night. The minimum drinking age throughout the United States is 21, however the restaurant does not require attendees to be 21 years old. All are welcome.

Additional information
Additional information, including summaries of anticipated talks, can be found on the Libertyvasion page. That page will be updated continuously throughout the months leading up to the event. As with Londonvasion, we also intend to publish videos and photos afterward.

Please plan your work/school/etc. responsibilities appropriately if you wish to attend. Additional information will be posted soon.


The phpBB Team

Please use the [Discuss] Libertyvasion 2010 to discuss this announcement.
Have comments/praise/complaints/suggestions? Please feel free to PM me.

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Re: Libertyvasion 2010

Post by naderman » Sun May 09, 2010 12:00 am

A little reminder, if you would still like to submit a proposal for a talk at the conference you can still do so until next friday. Talk about something exciting you do with phpBB or share some advice with other phpBB administrators or developers. What information we require and where to send it to is explained on the call for papers page.

Thanks for your submissions, I hope to see many of you at the event!
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