Support Toolkit 1.0.3 released

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Support Toolkit 1.0.3 released

Post by Erik Frèrejean »

Hi all,

The Support Team is pleased to announce the availability of Support Toolkit 1.0.3. This release introduces a number of new features into the toolkit as well some major improvements to existing tools. This new release can be downloaded from the Support Toolkit page in the CDB.

When updating from any older Support Toolkit version first delete the old stk/ directory before uploading the new version.

Translations for this release can be downloaded from this topic. To use a translation, simply download it and place it in the stk/language directory.

New features
  • [Add] Re-sync attachments and a re-sync avatars tool. (Bug #52815)
  • [Add] MySQL Upgrader tool. (Bug #62477)
  • [Add] Re-sync registered users group. (Bug #62538)
  • [Add] A tool that resynchronises the report topic flags. (Bug #62601)
  • [Change] Migrated the versioncheck files to
  • [Change] Made the database cleaner user interface a bit more user friendly.
  • [Change] Added a better build script. (Bug #62471)
  • [Change] The BOM Sniffer now also handles UMIL and AutoMOD if installed. (Bug #62474)
  • [Change] Remove closing php tags from the php files. (Bug #62478)
  • [Change] Dynamic BOM Sniffer white list. (Bug #62481)
  • [Change] Remove the phpBB < 3.0.7 limitation from the Update email hashes tool. (Bug #62546)
  • [Change] Database cleaner now also validates roles, extensions and report reasons. (Bug #62475)
  • [Change] Merge the two system group resync tools into one. (Bug #62576)
  • [Change] Changed the way the BOM Sniffer handles non-english language files. (Bug #62581)
  • [Change] Some tweaks to the build script.
  • [Fix] SQL error handling. (Bug #51225)
  • [Fix] Correctly handle configuration values that were removed from phpBB. (Bug #62189, Patch by Noxwizard)
  • [Fix] Hooks potentially break STK. (Bug #62352)
  • [Fix] BOM Sniffer white list uses hard file extensions. (Bug 62473)
  • [Fix] Merge users tool in some cases incorrectly sets PM to and bcc addresses. (Bug #62486, Patch by D¡cky)
  • [Fix] Hardcoded path to the STK. (Bug #62493)
  • [Fix] Allow the database cleaner to work correctly when no table prefix is set. (Bug #62537)
  • [Fix] BOM Sniffer critical repair files not sniffed correctly. (Bug #62541)
  • [Fix] ERK breaks when style files are missing. (Bug #62557)
  • [Fix] Update UMIL to 1.0.4. (Bug #62568)
  • [Fix] Some language changes. (Bug #62585, Patch by Unknown Bliss; #62594 Patch by Noxwizard; Bug #62480; Bug #62615)
  • [Fix] Correctly sanitise all queries. (Bug #62606)
  • [Fix] BOM Sniffer call to phpbb_realpath fails. (Bug #62620)
  • [Fix] Blank messages when running the database cleaner. (Bug #62621)
  • [Fix] Reset Roles doesn't restore data. (Bug #62622)
  • [Fix] Problem with text files in archive. (Bug #62627)
  • [Fix] Some language issues. (Bug #62635, #62647)
  • [Fix] Prevent the creation of a ghost whitelist file. (Bug #62636)
  • [Fix] "Non-static errors" in the ERK. (Bug #62649)
If you are unfamiliar with the toolkit, please see the Support Toolkit page.

As always, assistance with installation, updating or any of the tools provided with the Toolkit is available through the support section in the CDB. Please submit any bugs/suggestions to the Support Team Tools bugtracker.

Thank you, and enjoy.

The phpBB Team

You may discuss this announcement in the [Discuss] Support Toolkit 1.0.3 released topic.
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