phpBB 3.0.9 released

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phpBB 3.0.9 released

Post by naderman »

Greetings community,

We are pleased to announce the release of phpBB "Bertie's off to the beach" 3.0.9. This version is a maintenance release fixing a number of bugs as well as adding some minor new features. It contains two new caching backends: WinCache for Windows servers and a Redis backend. The number of login attempts without having to solve an anti-spambot task can now be limited by IP. Username and password fields are no longer incorrectly autocompleted in the ACP.

We urge you to update your installation as soon as possible. Our support team will only support phpBB 3.0.9, updates to phpBB 3.0.9 and conversions to phpBB 3.0.9. Submissions to our trackers for older versions will not be accepted, please make sure you update before you submit a bug report.

If you use a language pack other than the default "English [GB]", you should check our downloads section, an update may already be available.

We would also like to say a special thank you to everyone outside the development team who has contributed a patch to this release:
Erik Frèrejean, Callum Macrae, Eric, RMcGirr83, Yuriy Rusko, Adam Reyher, Kevin Locke, Patrick Webster, Raimon, Josh Woody, Marek A. Ruszczynski, Richard Foote, Sam Thompson, Schnorrer42, Bart van Bragt, ChrisTX, Ingo Migliarina, Marc Alexander, Niklas Schmidtmer and Philippe Chevrier. You can find a full list of contributors on our redesigned Area51 development section:

For a complete list of changes with attributed ticket numbers, please consult our comprehensive changelog.

Installation instructions

A short explanation of how to do a conversion, installation or update is included within the provided INSTALL.html file, please be sure to read it. You can find a list of requirements on our Downloads page.


If you find any security issues please report them to our security tracker.

Available packages

If you experience problems with the automatic update (white screens, timeouts, etc.) we recommend using the "changed files only" or "patch" method for updating.
  • Full Package:
    Full phpBB 3 source code and english language files.
  • Automatic Update Package:
    Update package for the automatic updater, contains changes from previous release to this release.
  • Changed Files Only:
    Complete files, but only those that were changed since previous releases of phpBB 3. This archive contains changed files for every previous release.
  • Patch Files:
    This file contains diffs against the previous phpBB 3 release, which can be applied with the patch utility.
Select the package most suitable for you. We recommend the following methods depending on your situation:
  • For new installations you should use the Full Package
  • For updates of boards without modifications you can use the Automatic Update Package (guided update) or the Changed Files Only package (manual update).
  • For updates of boards with modifications you should use the Automatic Update Package. If you are confident with patch files and patching you can use the Patch Files Package.
  • International Support Teams may use the Patch Package in conjunction with the Code Changes to better support users with problematic conflicts during their update process or to help them update code sections.
  • If you are a hoster/provider, you may want to use the Patch Files Package to update all of your client installations.
Please ensure you read the INSTALL and README documents in docs/ before proceeding with installation, updates or conversions!

Download Locations

The download is of course available on our downloads page.
Our release archive provides all packages we build. If you do not find your desired package you can probably find it in the release archive.

These are the files with their md5 sums: (Full Package)
md5sum: fb8025a51a3c756fe6151a6b0beeefd4
phpBB-3.0.9.tar.bz2 (Full Package)
md5sum: 1baa799b0d10b0df794a5a408ff80e59 (Patch Files)
md5sum: caad242273bbbfbea86cd00a16239e70
phpBB-3.0.9-patch.tar.bz2 (Patch Files)
md5sum: 48b1fdd64658d12bf58ccca9e105277a (Changed Files)
md5sum: 2305fea2749bd09da17365dbbe0f29f0
phpBB-3.0.9-files.tar.bz2 (Changed Files)
md5sum: 8fb9cdceafef9ddf68e011611e817563 (Automatic Update Package from 3.0.8)
md5sum: e5648147787c5413783bf81dea2c4fc7
phpBB-3.0.8_to_3.0.9.tar.bz2 (Automatic Update Package from 3.0.8)
md5sum: 6d7996e6fea4fea927998ee2f0346c9e (Language and Style Code Changes)
md5sum: c4ac13ae38132c88293470d1c7a9d1ca
phpBB-3.0.8_to_3.0.9-codechanges.tar.bz2 (Language and Style Code Changes)
md5sum: cce76d34eda103b26edb0807c2a6184f (Microsoft Web Platform Installer Package)
md5sum: 3f0a5416a1a1ad83729e047ecf8a7ee3

Download & Documentation
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Posts: 3754
Joined: Fri Aug 01, 2003 10:06 pm
Location: Berlin, Germany
Name: Nils Adermann

Re: phpBB 3.0.9 released

Post by naderman »

Release Highlights

New Features
Notable Changes / Bug Fixes

Please discuss this announcement in the phpBB 3.0.9 release discussion topic.
I appreciate gifts from my Amazon wishlist. twitter: @naderman

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