MODX 1.2.6 released

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MODX 1.2.6 released

Post by tumba25 »

We are proud to announce the release of the 1.2.6 version of MODX.

This version adds one new tag in MODX and some bug fixes.

MODX is the format used for distributing modifications, therefore this announcement is primarily aimed at MOD authors. We require all modifications submitted for validation after this announcement to use MODX 1.2.6.

How to get it
As always, you can obtain the latest version of MODX at the MODX Resource Centre. Additional information and files can be found there too.

MODX Creator has been updated to MODX 1.2.6.

Required changes
Luckily for MOD authors, this release of MODX is fully backwards compatible.
If you don't want to use the new github tag you only need to include the revised XSL file and change this:

Code: Select all

<mod xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="">
With this:

Code: Select all

<mod xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="">
Note the change from http to https.

Full changelog
  • [Feature] Ticket #62896 Added github tag to "About this MOD". To link to the MOD repo at github.
  • [Fix] Ticket #62844 "Find and Delete" and "In-line Find and Delete was not translated.
  • [Fix] nodeValue is deprecated, replaced with value.
  • [Fix] Bug #62705 Page title and heading would not change when language was switched with the language select.
Development of MODX and tools related to it takes place at github. There is an git repository there for those who would like to follow the development.

If you encounter any problems, we'd highly appreciate it if you reported them to the MOD Teams tracker.

Support can be obtained at the [3.0.x] MOD Writers Discussion forum or the MODX section in the MODDB.

The Modifications Team
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Re: MODX 1.2.6 released

Post by DavidIQ »

You can discuss this announcement here.
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