Introducing the phpBB Status Site

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Introducing the phpBB Status Site

Post by Paul » Fri May 17, 2013 8:49 pm

Hello everyone,

The Website Team is proud to announce the availability of the phpBB Status Site, a single location to check the current and planned availability of the services on our network.

If you are unable to reach or any of the other services, you should check the Status Site for any available information, such as maintenance notices. The site is hosted offsite and should not be affected by a disruptions of service to the rest of the network. In the event that you need to report an issue, you can use the contact form there to reach our team.

To cut down on the noise in the Announcements Forum, we will henceforth cease posting notices for each planned maintenance window. Instead, a small banner will be displayed in the header with a link to a more detailed notice on the Status Site.

The Status Site is built using the Symfony2 Framework and a number of other open source libraries. In the spirit of open source software, we have made the entire source code available under the GNU GPL v3 open source license. You can find it in the phpBBStatusSite repository on GitHub. If you find any bugs, please report them to the Website Bug Tracker.

Special thanks to Pingdom for providing monitoring for this project.

Note: The Status Site only monitors sites operated by the phpBB Project (sites on the domain); this message does not affect externally deployed phpBB forums.


The phpBB Website Team

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