Introducing phpBB Ideas!

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Introducing phpBB Ideas!

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The Website Team is pleased to announce the availability of phpBB Ideas, a new section of the website for you to suggest, vote on, and discuss features and improvements that you would like to see included in future versions of phpBB. It is designed to provide a middle ground between the community forums, where feature requests are not allowed, and Area51, which is catered towards technical discussions.

The system will keep track of up/down votes and intelligently order them to maximize visibility of the best ones. We expect our Development Team and community contributors to utilize this section when deciding which new features to implement for upcoming releases.

The source for Ideas is, of course, available on GitHub: It needs only a phpBB instance in order to be installed, and doesn't require any changes to core files. It is released under the GNU General Public License v2.

Any feedback would be welcome - but do not post it in the Ideas section, as that's for the phpBB core only.


The phpBB Website Team

Please discuss this announcement in the discussion topic. = my website. you probably won't like it.
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