QuickInstall 1.2.1

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QuickInstall 1.2.1

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phpBB3 QuickInstall is a development tool used to manage many installations of phpBB3. It is not meant to be used on a remote server and should be used only locally. You can install a phpBB3 board with one single mouse click. This is useful for developing extensions, as you won't have any conflicts with other extensions.

As always, there are tons of new stuff in this QI release and also some bug fixes. QI is now able to install phpBB 3.1.3, and hopefully later versions too.

phpBB3 QuickInstall is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPL v2). A copy of this license has been included in the package (license.txt) and more information can be found in the included readme.txt.

QI can be downloaded from github or from the QI page the official tools DB. You can always get the latest development version from https://github.com/phpbb/quickinstall
Please report bugs in the QI issues tracker at github.

You can receive support in the QI support tab.

Getting started
To install QI simply download the latest version and extract it to a directory accessible via a browser.
Download the latest phpBB version, 3.0.x or 3.1.x, and extract it into the sources directory. Which you choose would depend on which you do most work with. You can extract the other to sources/phpBB3_alt/phpBB3 if you want to have quick access to both. You can of course rename the folder in sources/phpBB3_alt/ to what you want. But do not rename sources/phpBB3_alt/ itself.
Make sure the "cache", "boards" and "settings" directories are writable by PHP.
Point your browser to the QI directory (i.e. http://localhost/quickinstall). You will be taken to the settings page with some default data entered. You can go directly to the bottom of that page and save the settings as a profile named "default" while also taking a look at the settings to see if you would like to change anything. Usually you would at least need to set Database user and Database password. When you have saved the first profile you should be good to go.

If you want to install phpBB 3.0 with AutoMOD; you also need to download the latest AutoMOD and copy the contents from the root directory to sources/automod/. You should not need AutoMOD for 3.1 extension development and QI will not try to install it.

Upgrading from QI older than 1.1.8
Just download the package and unzip it into your QI directory. Make sure the new "settings" directory is writable by PHP and point your browser to your QI directory. QI will convert your old config to a profile named "default", you can of course choose some other name for it.

Upgrading from QI 1.1.8 or newer
Just download the package and unzip it into your QI directory. Point your browser to Manage profiles, make sure the new settings are in order, submit and you are ready to go.

NOTE: phpBB QuickInstall is only intended to be used for local testing and should not be installed on a public/live server.

Changes in QI 1.2.1
  • [Fix] Bug in the routine to purge the cache.
  • [Fix] Ticket #EXTTOOLS-655 The redirect got two slashes in the URL when QI was installed in localhost root.
  • [Fix] Write correct phpBB version (3.1 or 3.0) in config.php.
  • [Fix] Error messaging in main did not support multibyte chars. (By Skouat)
  • [Fix] Issue #37 Style for "Chunk settings" title was messed up.
  • [Fix] Issue #38 Subsilver2 was not installed for 3.1.x boards.
  • [Fix] The "boards" tab was not hidden when there where errors in submitting first/only config.
  • [Fix] QI tried to write to the "settings" folder even if it was not writable.
  • [Fix] The explain text for the Boards tab was not up to date.
  • [Fix] Issue #42 the install note box got more or less unreadable in some screen resolutions.
  • [Fix] "schema.json" was removed in phpBB 3.1.3. QI used it to create the 3.1 DB. Now install of 3.1.x works again.
  • [Fix] Ticket #44 QI removed uppercase letters from directory names due to a missing Hyphen "-".
  • [Fix] Ticket #43 when run in server root dirname() on Windows returns a backslash QI did not handle that correct. (By Skouat)
  • [Change] Moved the "can take a while" warning box and the options/settings boxes.
  • [Change] Moved the header text to the sidebar in the PHP info tab.
  • [Change] Added some space abowe and below the "Check all" link.
  • [Change] Moved template var S_page to their respective file.
  • [Change] Changed some wordings and removed unused strings from language files.
  • [Change] Changed default DBMS to MySQLi.
  • [Change] Use the same name for the directory as the DB. Links to the boards get messed up with spaces.
  • [Change] Allow hyphen and dot in directory names.
  • [Change] Always try to login if redirect is set.
  • [Change] Don't error out when the selected alt environment can't be found.
  • [Change] Removed CHUNK_POST, CHUNK_TOPIC and CHUNK_USER constants. They have been in the settings for a while
  • [Feature] Added better error reporting and handling to more places.
  • [Feature] Don't show the select menu for alternative environments if the phpBB3_alt folder is empty.
  • [Feature] Show board version in boards list.
  • [Feature] Make sure cache_dir, boards_dir and boards_url ends with a slash (/)
  • [Feature] Now all available styles can be installed. In both 3.0.x and 3.1.x.
  • [Feature] Any style can be set as default style.
  • [Feature] Automagically update settings. With link to update all profiles (only for 1.2.1 and up).
  • [Feature] Added a documentation tab, with info currently from readme.txt.
  • [Feature] Only display the DBMS whose extensions are loaded on the settings page.
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