Recent Downtime

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Recent Downtime

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Last weekend you may have noticed that we were having some infrastructure issues that caused some of our sites to be unavailable.

As a result of those issues, we were not able to retrieve a log of database actions between the 15th and 17th of July so data created on * sites during that time is no longer available. This includes the following during that period:
  • New posts, pms & topics
  • User registrations, email changes and password changes
  • Customisation DB submissions (Extensions, Styles, Language packs)
  • Submitted bug tracker issues
Also due to some unusual behaviour everyone’s notifications settings on have been reset to never send out emails for notifications. You can still change your settings here but we’ve reset everyone’s settings to phpBB defaults (to email you for topic & forum subscriptions and PMs) to make sure you don't miss anything but you can of course revert these to your own personal preferences. :)

We would like to reiterate that * outages do not affect your own installations of phpBB.

We are sorry as we understand many of you depend on for support as well as the resources it provides. We've published on our blog more technical details on what actually went wrong here for those of you who are interested.

Please discuss this announcement here.

The phpBB Team
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