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--- Forum Rules ---

Post by Kanuck » Fri Jun 28, 2002 7:08 am

Ten Commandments of phpBB.com
By Kanuck
v1.2 (August 9, 2002)
  1. Ensure that your new topics are in the correct forum.
    • phpBB 2.0
      • Requests for help and support with phpBB 2.0 belong in the Support forum;
      • All installation issues with phpBB 2.0 belong in the Installation forum;
      • New: Discussions about language packs and convertors belong in the Localization and Convertors forum;
      • Any other issues specifically involving phpBB 2.0 belong in the Discussion forum.
    • Modifications and Styles
      • Requests for modifications of phpBB belong in the MOD Requests forum;
      • Discussions about the development of a modification belong in the MOD Development forum;
      • Cries for help regarding MODs belong in the MOD Support forum;
      • Discussion of styles can be found in the Styles Development forum;
      • You can show off your styles in the Show Off forum.
    • Other Stuff
      • Any discussion involving the forthcoming phpBB-based portal belong in the phpBB Portal forum;
      • Any test messages belong in the Test Me forum;
      • Anything else belongs in General Chat.
  2. Do not post topics or replies containing:
    • Subjects which have already been discussed numerous times (please Image Search first, as these topics are locked on sight);
    • Flames directed towards other users (locked on sight, possibly with a temporary ban);
    • Any bugs found in phpBB 2.0 (they belong in the Bug Tracker);
    • Anything not relating to the original subject of the topic (although General Chat is rather flexible);
    • Images linked from other sites without their permission (simply giving a URL is much more polite);
    • Any degratory comments based on age, gender, race, ethnicity or nationality (which will be met with a swift ban);
    • New: Any links to phpBB.com pages without the www, as they can cause auto-login problems (the proper format is https://www.phpbb.com/phpBB).
  3. Do not promote your own site, unless:
    • It's to show off something cool you've done with phpBB (and that has its own specific forum);
    • It's a personal site;
    • It's to help somebody find something they're looking for.
  4. Do not post spam.
    • Spam includes advertisments, content deemed inappropriate or illegal, and flooding of the boards;
    • Spammers will receive a swift kick in the ass, as well as a lengthy ban.
  5. Do not make needless, incessant usage of:
    • Emoticons :P :) ;) :( :cry: :oops: :mrgreen: :twisted:;
    • Line breaks or ALL-CAPS;
    • New: Nested quotes;
    • Giant fonts with ugly colours;
    • Swearing or derogatory terms.
  6. Do not make unrequested personal contact with phpBB Team Members.
    • Support may not be requested via instant messaging, private messaging or e-mail;
    • Your private messaging capability may be disabled if abused;
    • A central list of IM, PM and e-mail abusers is kept, so repeat offenders will be banned.
  7. Ensure that your signature:
    • Remains a reasonable size;
    • Does not contain excessively large images or annoying animations;
    • Follows all the rules applying to posts themselves.
  8. Ensure that your avatar:
    • Is not more than 90 pixels in width, or 90 pixels in height;
    • Does not exceed 6kb in size;
    • Does not contain annoying animations.
  9. Do not argue with the enforcement of the above commandments.
    • If any phpBB Team Member tells you to comply with one of these rules, you must comply;
    • Updated: If you argue the rules with a Team Member, you'll be warned, and all members of phpBB Teams will be notified;
    • Keep it up, and you'll receive a temporary ban.
  10. Enjoy the phpBB.com Community Forums!
    • If you have any problems, just make a post in the appropriate forum, and somebody will be glad to help you.
    • The moderators are here to make everyone's visit more enjoyable, so if you experience any problems with abusive users, please tell a moderator.
You may use the above forum rules in your own forums, and modify them as you see fit. All we ask is that you include a link to phpBB.com at the bottom, reading "Rules originally from phpBB.com". Thank you, and enjoy your stay at phpBB.com!

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Posts: 2791
Joined: Thu Jul 05, 2001 9:33 pm
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Post by Kanuck » Fri Aug 09, 2002 11:55 pm

Version 1.2 - August 9, 2002
The rules have been updated. The latest additions include:
  • The addition of the Localization and Convertors forum under #1;
  • A request from us in #2 that all links within phpBB.com's forums include the www, because many of are users are experiencing cookie problems simply due to visiting malformed links;
  • I moved mention of nested quotes to #5, because it fits in better there;
  • I tried to clear up #9 a little bit, so there was no possibility of it being misunderstood.
Apologies if it seems like I'm being a little bit anal with these rules, but the better I try to make them, the less argument there can be from warned/banned users along the lines of, "it wasn't in the rules, I thought it was okay!".

I'll be making a small update post like this one with every subsequent change in the rules, just to draw your attention back to the topic to see what's new. Because you all read every new announcement, right? :)
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