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phpBB Collective

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Hi everyone,

Following many other open source projects, the phpBB project has created the phpBB Collective on the Open Collective platform. Going forward, we will be able to accept donations from individual contributors, and you will be able to track those donations through the Open Collective platform. We have also joined the GitHub sponsors program, so as a GitHub user, you can now sponsor the phpBB project on GitHub!

Funds acquired through the phpBB Collective will be used to pay project and development related expenses, like server or code hosting bills as well as expenses for in-person events like team meetings or conference attendance costs for phpBB Team Members.

phpBB Collective’s fiscal host, the Open Source Collective 501(c)(6), is a non-profit and allows us to accept donations. Unfortunately, the IRS does not classify donations to this type of entity as tax-deductible charitable contributions.

- The phpBB Team

This announcement can be discussed in the Discuss: phpBB Collective Topic
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