Update on Olympus

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Update on Olympus

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Long time no update... we are sorry for this, there have been some structural changes within the team as you might have noticed (which will be fully rolled out and advertised by the phpBB3 final release).
Now, to give you a small update and a quick glance about where we are, here is a small list of the main things we have on our list before hitting the first beta release:
  • Warning system
    The warning system is one area where a lot of work has to be put in, it is not yet fully decided which route we will go with this feature.
  • Completion of usergroups
    All usergroup related functions are still under development.
  • Completion of report system
    The report system is underway at the moment, it has been worked on locally (therefore you have seen no checkins regarding this feature).
  • Completion of "new" module system and updating of ACP/UCP/MCP modules
    The new module system is coming along nicely, as well as the new ACP/UCP/MCP modules. The ACP will see a lot of structural changes, the UCP and MCP modules will be redesigned to gain more freedom in respect to styling this area (as well as functional changes we proposed a while back internally).
  • Install System and Upgrading/Converting
    The Unified Converter Framework (UCF), which will also be responsible for converting a phpBB 2.0.x forum to phpBB 3, is mostly finished. But we want to integrate all three huge areas (installation, upgrading and updating) into one system for easier usage and maintenance. As you may have seen we have a dedicated convertor team to handle all this stuff and mainly for maintaining convertors.
    The UCF will not be introduced by the first beta releases, because we do not want people upgrading their forums at this stage. It will be introduced by the first RC releases though.
  • Pruning
    We will extend the pruning functionality a little bit to be capable of moving posts, specifying what post type(s) to operate on, etc.
  • Search system
    We intend to introduce some more search functionality (search within topic for example) and introducing additional fulltext search support for mysql databases.
  • Styling system
    The styling and permissions system will be somewhat fluid through the first beta releases to gain feedback and adjust them accordingly.
  • Permission system
    We know the permission system as of now is a bit too complex for productive usage, there are plans to reduce this complexity and introduce a more simple approach in setting permissions (mostly ACP related changes).

We have a new CVS Statistics tool online for people who want to track the development who are not familiar with CVS - it is of course interesting for those familiar with it too.
We also opened up an internal bug tracker for reporting bugs within the software by our teams. This bug tracker will be opened up for all users by the first beta.

Speaking of release dates and estimate dates, we know the coding of phpBB3 is now taking longer than anyone ever could have expected (including ourselves). This will most likely change with the next versions after the final release of Olympus.
We are no longer releasing time estimates, it already took too long, so please do not ask for them. We have our own estimates of course (we always had our own dates in mind). You should get a fairly obvious estimate by reading the above list for yourself.
We will try to update you as large areas get finished.

The Development Team.
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