2.0.15 Fix for demoted admin bug

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Acyd Burn
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2.0.15 Fix for demoted admin bug

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Hello again,

It has come to light that one of the bug fixes included in 2.0.15 can cause problems in certain circumstances which may lead to you losing your administrator privileges. This bug will only arise if you are editing the permissions on a private forum for a usergroup which a) contains an administrator account and b) does not have moderator privileges on any forums.

In order to address this issue, we have re-packaged the 2.0.15 release to include a fix for this issue. No other files have been altered in this update.

If you wish to make the change by hand, there is one line to alter.

OPEN admin/admin_ug_auth.php

FIND (around line 546)

Code: Select all

				WHERE user_id IN (" . implode(', ', $group_user) . ")";

Code: Select all

				WHERE user_id IN (" . implode(', ', $group_user) . ") AND user_level = " . MOD;
Updated files containing this change can be found on the download page.

Our code changes tutorial has been updated to include this change.

If someone needs the complete file, it is downloadable from this location.

The phpBB Group.
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