MySQL 5.0 Support

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MySQL 5.0 Support

Post by Graham »

We have received a number of queries recently regarding whether phpBB 2.0.x will run on MySQL 5.0.x.

I'm glad to report that it will install and run, although there are some minor issues on some particular distributions of MySQL (primarily the Windows build) which may require a minor change to allow installation.

If you are already running phpBB and wish to migrate to MySQL 5, there should be no issues, providing that PHP on your server is configured to install it.

If you are performing a new install on MySQL 5, you should make the following change before you start the install.


Code: Select all


Code: Select all

bbcode_uid char(10) NOT NULL,

Code: Select all

bbcode_uid char(10) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
You should then install normally and select the MySQL 4 option from the installation script.

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