CVS no longer used for repository management

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Acyd Burn
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CVS no longer used for repository management

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we like to announce the switch from CVS to SVN for our repository management and source control. Within this step, we also set up a new home for phpBB development and phpBB related projects. At the moment only phpBB itself is listed and only repository management handled there. Within the next months we will enable more and more features and move internal projects as well as hopefully other public projects to the new home. phpbb-checkins mailing list

For all of you having subscribed to the phpBB checkins mailing list, you do not need to change anything. ;) Commit notifications are sent to the new commit mailing list and to the sourceforge mailing list. If you sign up for the new mailing list do not forget to unsubscribe from the mailing list.


Downloads are still hosted at for the time being.


The old CVS statistics at area51 had been replaced by SVN statistics... sadly they are not as descriptive as the old ones.

Snapshots are currently disabled, we will implement the SVN counterpart soon.

Useful Links

phpBB Code Forge
Area51 - phpBB Development Forum

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