The Wise and Just Rules of IRC

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The Wise and Just Rules of IRC

Post by Pit » Mon Feb 17, 2003 8:53 pm

Rules/guidelines/information for usage of the #phpBB IRC channel:

Note: in order to better facilitate support, a new channel "#phpbbchat" has been created. All non-phpBB chat should go in there. phpBB support questions and phpBB discussion belong in #phpbb.

Contents: General Rules, Getting Support, Channel Information
  1. General Rules
    • First rule: use your common sense. The same basic rules apply on IRC as on the forums. And don't you dare be a moth.
    • When entering the channel, make sure to read the channel topic; it may contain important information.
    • Don't speak entirely in all-capitals, or 1337-speak, or foul language - and please speak english. (If you require support in another language because you are not fluent in English, please ask for help in English and we may be able to help or direct you to someone who can). If you're able to speak good english, use your abilities - computers provide you with a full keyboard, and there is no need 2 spk lik ur txtng sum1.
    • On the same lines as the above point, please do not use scripts that output strange things such as [LauGhiNg~OuT~loUd], as it is likely to annoy all sane people on the channel. The same applies for away scripts/messages, especially ones that repeatedly announce your away status. Basically, no scripts that automatically output anything at all without user intervention, and no annoying ascii-art-speak.
    • Do not repeat yourself, or flood the channel (this includes pasting large amounts of text, for example an error message more than 5 lines) - excess repeating will earn a warning, and deliberate flooding will get you a ban from the channel. If you have a large (over five lines) amount of text you need to paste, use If you asked your question some time ago and it is now off the screen, you may ask again.
    • If you have a problem with a user, talk to a channel operator (the names of channel operators will be preceded by an @). Do not flame (attack) the user, publicly or privately.
    • Please do not report bugs on the channel - bugs can be reported here, after you have made sure that it is not already a known bug, or a non-bug.
      • Valid (i.e. holes in the latest version of phpBB) security holes should be emailed to Please note this is NOT a support address for questions like 'my board has been hacked, how do I recover it?'. Such questions belong in the Support forum.
  2. Getting Support
    • Before asking, make sure you have searched the forums and read fully:
      • The User Guide
      • The README and INSTALL files (should be read before installing phpBB)
      • The ever-useful Knowledge Base
      • The Support Request Template - you do not need to paste this into the channel, but you should have the information available so you can provide it immedietly when people ask for a specific piece of information.
    • If you have a question, and you have read all the above treasurehouses of knowledge, just ask the question - asking 'can I ask a question?' is pointless and will probably just get you the reply 'you just did'. ;)
      Please try to ask your question clearly, stating the environment your board is hosted in (basically, your server software, php version, database system, operating system).
    • Remember, there may or may not be anyone there who can help you - if you do not get an answer, please stay calm - either no-one there knows the answer or no-one is currently available to answer your question.
    • Please do not PM (/msg) users with support questions without first asking or being invited to. This includes channel operators. If your problem absolutely must be discussed in private, ask the user first and don't get annoyed if they say no.
    • Also note that we cannot help with modified versions of phpBB, including the postnuke/phpnuke modules, or pre-modded phpBBs. Nor can we help with older versions, except helping you to upgrade.
  3. Information regarding the phpBB IRC channel
    • The phpBB IRC channel is located at on channel #phpbb. To get to it, you will need an IRC client such as mIRC for windows users, or X-Chat for *nix/windows users (windows users should try the win32 binary package, unless you have experience building from source under windows). A list of clients for the mac is available here. I (dougk_ff7 here) recommend ircle (shareware) or ShadowIRC (this used to be freeware on versiontracker, don't know how good it is any more). Under OS X, irssi works fine (you may need fink/developer tools in order to install it).
      Once you have the client up and running, type '/server' to connect to the freenode IRC network, and then '/join #phpbb' to join the phpBB IRC channel. Alternatively, try clicking [url=irc://]here[/url] to start up your client and connect automatically if you use mIRC and IE, or mozilla and chatzilla.
    • Channel operators (the people responsible for maintaining the channel) on the will usually have an '@' prefixing their name. Please co-operate with them.
1.1.0 Various revisions by dougk_ff7
1.2.0 Alteration of away-message rule by Pit
1.2.1 Repitification by Pit
1.2.2 Taking Pit's mad neurosis into account
1.3.0 Addition of prior information note at request of Techie Micheal, by Pit
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