phpBB Group's Position on Portal Development

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phpBB Group's Position on Portal Development

Post by AbelaJohnB » Mon Feb 24, 2003 10:24 pm

phpBB Group's Position on Portal Development

Over the last few months, there has been a large and growing numbers of people developing branched/forked versions of phpBB, for the phpBB Community at large.

While we are happy to see such a large amount of interest in having phpBB be the 'core' of these portals, recent amount of activity on our forums (here @phpBB.Com) for support of these non-official 'portals' has gotten beyond what we feel is acceptable.

As most people know, we here at phpBB, are planning our own Portal. Likewise, as most people know, the forums here at phpBB, exist to support vanilla phpBB.

Because of these issues we have decided that it's time to enforce some new Policies and Procedures, in regards to non-official portals.

Let me try to outline our positions on this:
The Portal Development Forum is to be used for feedback and discussions of only the phpBB Portal, which the phpBB Group is planning/working on developing. This does not include non-official portals, and/or branched/forked versions of phpBB.

If you have a non-official portal based on phpBB, than you will need to do all support of your non-official Portal from your own site, where you develop and/or release it. Any/All threads at our forums concerning any non-official phpBB Portal will be locked on sight, and all links to relevant portals will be removed, if deemed necessary by the phpBB Team.

We will be leaving the Portal Forum as it currently is. (i.e. empty and with restricted posting permissions)

We will make one sticky topic in the Portal Forum with a list of known Portal based on phpBB. This thread will be locked and additions will only be added by the Portal Team upon request (by PM). Simply PM'ing will not warrant your request being added. All requests will be reviewed. This list would link to the developers own support forums and homepages. This thread is located here.

For those who feel that what they have/are developing should be categorized as a "MOD", here is what I define a MOD as:
A MOD is any modification to the Core-Code of phpBB that adds to, alters, or removes a feature of the vanilla phpBB; which includes an 'install tutorial' which must be manually installed by the administration of a given web forum. This does not include anything that requires the entire (or any part therein) of the phpBB package to be redistributed, in order to make the given modifications work on any given forum/site.

Okay, that's it. Please understand that we are striving to do what's in the best interest of phpBB, the Group/Team Members, and the future of vanilla phpBB Distribution.

For discussion of this new Policy, please see this thread.

Thank You.

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