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Post by calirckr »

here's the code I use and it seems to work fine

Code: Select all

<td><span class="genmed"> 
			  <input type="button" class="button" accesskey="w" name="addbbcode16" value="URL" style="text-decoration: underline; width: 40px" onClick="bbstyle(16)" onMouseOver="helpline('w')" />

	<!-- BEGIN MultiBB -->
			<td><span class="genmed">
			  <input type="button" class="button" accesskey="{MultiBB.KEY}" name="{MultiBB.NAME}" value="{MultiBB.VALUE}" style="width: {MultiBB.WIDTH}px" onClick="{MultiBB.STYLE}" onMouseOver="helpline('{MultiBB.KEY}')" />
			<!-- END MultiBB -->

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Post by newtronical1 »

Installed before the </tr> or after?
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Post by eleanor »

i don't see anything happen to my original post display, is this normall?
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Post by jbs »

wtfm wrote: I am getting an error in the help menu with users that run debug programs. I don't get it and I haven't noticed any server errors. This is what they report:
line 100 eoor

// put an "n" in front of the value to make it an acceptable variable name
if ((help == '1') || (help == '2') || (help == '3') || (help == '4') || (help == '5') || (help == '6') || (help == '7') || (help == '8') || (help == '9') || (help == '0'))

So do I need to set a variable? I thought you only needed to add something as you set more bbcode things in. I am only using U_bbcode

Is it something to do with that or multi bb_code?


I get this one as well. Anyone got any thoughts on it?
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Post by Gaurav »

Just wondering how to get that button to next line, just below the Bold button?

ne guesses?

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Post by Hunchman801 »

I just installed this MOD and I'm going to install the [you] BBcode MOD !
*hopes that'll work*
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Post by -=ET=- »

Nuttzy99 wrote: Yeah, I forgot about PMs. Sorry about that :( It really should be a case of just cutting and pasting. I don't have time to do it though, so if someone wants to add PMs to it then I'll give you proper credit ;)

Hi Nuttzy :)

I don't need any credit but I've add the PM support and fixed a template compliance issue in a new 1.3.0 release.
Moreover, I've updated the upgrade from the 1.0.1 version MOD, and created an upgrade from the 1.2.1 MOD.

:arrow: You can DL the new release here

P.S. 1: All the MODs compliant with Multiple BBcode 1.2.1 can be installed on Multiple BBcode 1.3.0. They must be upgraded if their author want's to add their BBCode for PMs, but if they are not, they still can fully be used as is with this new release!
P.S. 2: I don't know if you want me to submit it (as it's not my MOD), or if you'll have a look at it and add it in the MOD DB... ? As you want :wink:
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Post by DazlaDesigns »

Problem fixed.. but it made my User names in the view topic area.. lol. I'm going to remove this mod.
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Post by tmhall »

I installed this mod and the BBCode Buttons Organizer mod. However, I really want all the options in the BBCode Box hack. Is there going to be a mod that's compliant with the Multiple mod but has all those features in one, or a different mod for every BBCode tag as seems to now be the case?
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Post by Drek »

I like the mod, but it would be more useful to me if the tags would be added at the cursor, not automatically at the end of the post, wherever that may be.

edit: When I posted this, I didn't realize you could highlight text and add the tags that way. That makes this suggestion pretty much redundant. Good job, great mod!
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Post by petermakosch »

Can i ask which it is best to install.
the older, or the 1.3?

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i want to be uploaded
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Post by dilvil »

hey there can someone help me....
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Post by dilvil »

i think i found a few typos in multi_BBcode_1.3.0.txt (i am working with phpbb 2.0.8)

when editing templates/subSilver/posting_body.tpl

it tells us <select name="addbbcodefontcolor" onChange="bbfontstyle('[color=' + this.form.addbbcodefontcolor.options[this.form.addbbcodefontcolor.selectedIndex].value + ']', ')" onMouseOver="helpline('s')">
addbbcode18" these are different ?!
#-----[ IN-LINE FIND ]----------------------------------------

#-----[ IN-LINE REPLACE WITH ]--------------------------------

i think you are telling us to find the text that we replace it with? it is the same with the next piece of coding as well. this is my first ever go at a MOD so i might be off track, can you get back to me and tell me if i am right ?
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Post by dilvil »

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Post by aschroh »

Hmmm Is 1.2.1a compatible with PHPBB 2.0.8? I have installed this mod with the glow/shadow mod and it doesn't appear to be working....restored the prestine files, remodded 1.2.1a in, tried the flash soap. Not getting any errors, just doesn't seem to be working.

Is this mod not functional under 2.0.8? Do I need to downgrade my board (it's a test board anyways) to 2.0.6?

Ok I must be doing something wrong here.....the buttons aren't showing up at all. It's like it's not even installed(although I've checked the changes 4 times on every mod I installed and it's all correct.)

This is What I have Set ATM:

PHPBB 2.0.8
The button manager
GlowandShadow mod
flash mod 206 qbb

I also have Calendar Lite 1.4.2 running on this board.

I've checked the chages made for multi bbcode, and the button manager. They are correct. None of the buttons show up...none of the addon bbcodes work with /tags either. Everything else is at least I didn't break the basic buttons and tags. Anyone have an idea where to start looking for the problem?

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