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Post by hp_solomon »

BlueRook wrote:
hp_solomon wrote:I'm using PCP (Profile Control Panel). Please help. thanks.

I haven't looked at PCP but based on what it does it might have already made modifications to that file. So the code might be a lot different. Check that MOD and see if the code has indeed been changed.

PCP had made lot of changes to the files, i think totally replacing it and not using the old usercp_register.php at all.

Can someone share how they made the upgrades that has PCP mod installed? I'm sure lots of phpbb users have PCP mod and made the upgrades succesfully. (mine is from 2.13 to 2.19.)

I'm still not sure where the changes should be applied. thanks.

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Post by BlueRook »

If those file were changed by the author of the PCP MOD then you should be able to skip those specific parts, unless the author used some of the same code. That said, unless you know php really well you will have a hard time finding out if that is indeed the case. You really should find out from the author of the MOD to see if there are any updates there.
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Post by disfunkt »

sorry if this has been asked before, but after searshing through some 300 pages, i was unable to find it.

so here goes, i have a forum that is running on the outdated 2.0.14 which has several mods. I am attempting to update it to 2.0.19, via the version by version method (2.0.14-2.0.15-2.0.16 etc..). But when I apply all the changes to 2.0.15, and upload, i get nothing but a blank white screen. I have narrowed it down to includes/sessions.php by uploading one file at a time and checking. I have also tried re editing the code numerous times with no success.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!
Thank you in advance !
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Post by disfunkt »

bump please :)
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Post by disfunkt »

and again please
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Post by asinshesq »

disfunkt wrote: and again please

You haven't exactly given us much to go on.

First, did you use easymod to install? If not, you probably made a mistake in applying the changes.

Second, you didn't tell us what error message you are receiving. If you have a blank white screen, you should have an error message in your php error log. Check that and it will tell you exactly where the problem is. Then you can look in that place and find out where you've got a messed up bracket or parenthesis, a missing semicolon or comma or something like that.
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Post by disfunkt »

thank you for responding. no i did not use easy mod to install, and i know i did not make a mistake in applying the changes. i narrowed it down to something in sessions.php, so i tried re applying the code about 8 times, still with no luck. and if i could find my php error log, i would check it
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Problems with EZ installation

Post by SHH »

Hi all,

I keep getting this error message. Installed with EZ mod a did the SQL manually.

Here is the ERROR with EZ mod installation

Code: Select all

No SQL alterations will be performed. However, you may skip SQL processing, continue installing the MOD, and deal with the SQL manually

The following error occured:

Unexpected or unknown attribute "AFTER RANK_MIN", in "rank_max MEDIUMINT(8) NOT NULL AFTER rank_min", statement: 33, table: "phpbb_ranks"

ALTER TABLE phpbb_ranks ADD rank_max MEDIUMINT(8) NOT NULL AFTER rank_min”
So, after I finished the installation I did the SQL protocol the mod said too.

Here is the error apon logon

Code: Select all

General Error	
Could not obtain buddys information.


SQL Error : 1146 Table 'hedgehog_phpbb1.phpbb_buddy' doesn't exist

SELECT * FROM phpbb_buddy WHERE user_id=2 and buddy_id in (2)

Line : 216
File : page_header.php	
Here is the error apon Registering

Code: Select all

Could not update session robot


SQL Error : 1054 Unknown column 'session_robot' in 'field list'

UPDATE phpbb_sessions SET session_robot = 'zinFd5yU' WHERE session_id = '36f9a2b80859ab51c47af837ff3cd5ca'

Line : 510
File : profilcp_register.php
Any ideas? I'm new to moding but have gotten a few easier ones to work


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