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Very Good
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Post by JosephKanh »

how do i install this on the latest version?
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How can I replicate this?

Post by marinist »

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Post by makisupa »

Great MOD! Thanks.

Is there anyway to remove the bit of text that says:

NEW: Drag and Drop Images!

This resides directly above the "Choose It" and "Host It" buttons. If board users click on it it directs them to ImageShack but keeps the page in the tiny little box. I'd like to remove it completely.
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Post by Peon »

Can this mod be made to appear like mod of postimage.org.

Just link ... Add image to post
and then popup windows appears where you browse and upload then return back to new window ?
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Post by thirstyg »

Whoops. Looks like I wasn't getting notified of new posts.
Just to answer a few questions-
Yes, imageshack has added ads to the uploader. There is not much I can do about this. Currently it's just advertising their toolbar. Personally, these ads don't bother me much as I understand that they're necessary for ImageShack's survival and development as an internet service.

Yes, the uploader works on the new version of phpBB (2.0.21).
I just checked. :wink:

Minor update! I just submitted I minor update to this mod for validation by the mod team. It is an extremely small change, just expanding the iframe box to prevent wrapping. Some users may still experience wrapping if they have manually adjusted the size of the text on the page (by ctrl and + or scrolling the mouse wheel.)

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Post by ycl6 »

MOD Updated to version 1.3.3
See first post for Download Link
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Post by igorw »

Nice :)
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Post by Wezzie »

WOW! easy and awesome Mod. This is my first one yet and it was great to laern how! I had to set my height to 95 to see it all.

Thanks for this Mod!
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Post by hostrup »

Does this mod not prevent the post from expanding? I have posted aroun 16 pictures, and they all just appear in one long single line, either down or to the right. Isn't there some way to make the images fit the proportions of the post? So that it maybe shows 4 thumbnails and the goes down to the next line and shows the next 4 and so on.

This other way annoys me alot :(
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changed the tpl but wheres mod?

Post by thor1963 »

ok i did as said i dont see any buttons or nothing except the blasted thing that said to add this at end of that so is there a download that is needed or just that?
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Post by Chowdr5 »

Hey all, sorry for the stupid question. Not quite understanding this mod. For some reason my site will not accept sigs that are uploaded in imageshack. Will this mod fix that?
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Post by hoppyintheuk »

Will this mod work with phpnuke 7.6 patched and forums 2.0.21?

I have edit the posting_body.tpl, but nothing appears apart from the usual posting options.

Best Wishes
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Post by DarKReiGnS »

great mod! thanks 8)
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Post by KtDhc »

To remove the ads, you can save and edit iframe.php then just upload it to your own host. Make sure to change the URL in the code to where the edited iframe.php is located.

ImageShack allows resizing when you manually upload so I was wondering, does anyone know if it's possible to edit the code on iframe.php to allow posting images with resize option?
Kurosaki Ichigo
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Post by Kurosaki Ichigo »

How can i put this in the profile page ? It is really useful if i can do this because people can upload their avatars and sigs and all. I want to put it at the bottom of the page.

Super good Mod by the way ! Your my hero !
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