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Re: My Quick Reply

Post by E.Isolation »

Nice quick reply mod. Thanks! I installed it yesterday and it's working fine. I had a problem with the Super Quick Reply mod that I couldn't figure out, so tried this one instead.
skezza wrote:Has anyone made buttons for SubBlack :P ? :mrgreen:
I made a set of them tonight (all six color options). (The gold one I found on this site)

I have them in a zip file, but I don't see a way to upload attachments here, so....

Image Image Image Image Image Image
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Re: My Quick Reply

Post by NulJunkie »

Does this mod work with CashMod and Nulavatar?
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Re: My Quick Reply

Post by my4skcg »

I have had my_quick_reply_1.0.5 installed on my forum for a long time. It works, but "Quote Last Post" has never worked. (just get [QUOTE="XXX"] included in my post). I haven't tried fixing it until now. And I see that there is a newer version of the mod (1.0.7a), so I try to upgrade to the newer version hoping the problem will be fixed. I'm getting a "The topic or post you requested does not exist" error.

I have reviewed the code changed about 5 times. I'm typically pretty good at following the directions for mods and debugging because I have a software background. BUT, I just can't figure this one out.

Can you give me some suggestions on where the problem might be? Did the quote last reply work in version 1.0.5, because I've reviewed those instructions with me code changes and can't find any difference there either.

I do have other mods installed, but I really don't think that is an issue because I've been going back & forth installing and removing the 1.0.7 version, and the results are consistent ... 1.0.5 works except for quote, 1.0.7a gets the error.

Thanks for any and all help you can give me,
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Re: My Quick Reply

Post by Camulas »

How exactly does one go about converting the Quick reply over to Subblack? I have removed the Image file and replaced it with another of exact same proportions to fit the subblack theme.

Do I need to edit a specific file for the changes to take place?
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Re: My Quick Reply

Post by mitkodelibaltov »

Is there some mod like this that gets also signature , quote last post , smilies BUT ALSO and BB Code ??? Please if you know someone send me an LS or email
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