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Post by morpheus2matrix »

DKDiveDude wrote:
morpheus2matrix wrote:Check there is a sticky about this issue :)

Well I would if the damn site wasn't dead...

Sit eworks fine for me :)
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Post by Snake357 »

morpheus2matrix wrote:
Snake357 wrote:after installing this mode somthing is worng!

1. first of all i can't download, i can upload but then appears the table but the discket icon dosent appear so i can't download.

2. Image
what is this??

thanks for the help :!:

1) Check your file viewtopic.php and viewtopic_body.tpl

I have did everything correct there...
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Post by Takako »

When people attach pictures to their messages, the pictures are limited to viewing by members only ... how do I go about changing that so that guests can view it as well? Sorry I just can't seem to find it anywhere on the control panel where I can make changes
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Post by balkanst »

Do you have the latest release for phpBB 2.0.11 ?
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Post by Takako »

no, I am using phpBB 2.0.6 ... do I need to have the lastest release to be able to make that adjustment? because I am not very good with updates, I'd hate to do anything wrong
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No-one can help with my question?

Post by _RAAF_Furball »

No-one can help with my question? (I'm feeling ignored. :( )

Refer top of page 387 or click here

Or at least answer part of it?

How many Tables should there be after attach MOD install?
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Post by Dieboybun »

Help me!
After I installed the mod, when I want t post, it says:

Template->make_filename(): Error - file does not exist
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Post by DKDiveDude »

Ok I was directed to and found a hack solution for my problem that the Admin attachment screens where blank. Having to do a hack is a bit disturbing though.

So I have now gone through the Admin attachment options, and made sure everything was ok, and the "Test" buttons checked out fine.

But now my problem is that when I initiate a new post I do not see any attachment options. That is nowhere where I can upload a file, through either a button or a field.

Since I had a plain vanilla fresh phpbb install on Monday, I simply used the included mod patched files and uploaded them.

I have rechecked several and all the modifications seems to be there.

Any ideas?
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AttMod 2.3.11 + External FTP + Internet Explorer

Post by N!ghtY »

Dear users on this board,

i am really desperate and need your help:

I run a site using phpbbplus1.52, attachemtn mod working fine via php-upload. Currently my traffic hits 5GB/day and i wanted to put downloads ans attachments on a external, second server.
So i enabled FTP upload, and this got me stuck. I personally use Firefox, and can download perfectly, also Opera users can download. Internet Explorer users though get to download the download.php !!

This also occurs when i try to use FTP on the LOCAL server, also 'passive'/'active' FTP does not change the situation.

phpbbplus1.52 uses attmod2.3.9, an upgrade to 2.3.11 also did not help...

HELP! :)

Please, give me suggestions, if you need additional infomrmation, i'll post it immediately


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Post by theman839 »

i installed the attachment mod on a 2.0.11 and everything works except it won't show attachments on one of my templates.

the template is softmetal and all it shows when I edit viewtopic_body.tpl is blank stuff between the header and footer or all it shows is all the attachments and no posts or anything.
Plz help?

This is what it looks like right around were it needs to be edited:

Code: Select all

<td colspan="2"><div class="postoverflow"><span class="postbody">{postrow.MESSAGE}{postrow.SIGNATURE}</span><span class="gensmall">{postrow.EDITED_MESSAGE}</span></div></td>          </tr>       </table></td>    </tr> 

Note: Uploads work and show fine on subSilver so the problem has to be in the template file

Thanks! :D
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Post by josian »

josian wrote: I have a forum where users uploads mp3s, avis, jpgs, etc.
Im using phpbb 2.11 and attachmod 2.11.

I implemented Anti-Hotlinking to my server to prevent bandwith theft and so. Everything was working fine, files continue to download and behave the same, but I forgot to disable "direct request" to the hotlinking protection. This means the server will allow or not allow someone to call a file from the server by directly typing the URL on the browser.
I had to disable this becasuse I found like 10 other websites linking my files with no problem because they putting the whole url to the file for their users to download my files.
I disabled the "direct request" funciton and now the problem starts.

By some way, the server is protecting the files to be downloaded for the forum itself! The atachmod is calling or displayng the links in some manners that is not directly from the website.
The hotlink protection accepts downloads form the URL of the forum and also the IP of the server, so I dont know how the MOD is messing it up.
The way the MOD calls the attachments is interpreted as if it was hotlinked, and because of this my users cannot download any files from my forum.
Morpheus, please, help me with this. Im I the first one reporting this?

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attach mod and user permision

Post by izpitera »

i just install last attachment mod on 2.0.11. All work fine but...

Only admin's can attach file, other users cannot attach the file =(

All non admin users just not see the attach panel where posting a message

Searching in admin panel dont give me a resultate.
Please help
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Post by eerysoul »

Hi izpitera, you have to set the permissions.
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Post by izpitera »

eerysoul wrote: Hi izpitera, you have to set the permissions.

permissions for what?
for upload directory? (in default files) YES of course 777

i inspect the mySQL base and found in table phpbb_auth_access
this value: auth_attachments
all auth_attachments have 0

May be this wrong?
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attachment mod and BIG files -- Suggestion

Post by eerysoul »

Hi everybody,

I'm setting up a kind of intranet to exchange musical ideas betweenthe musicians of the bands I play. I've been doing some testing with phpbb and the attachment mod. The files that we need to upload can be very large, and I'm having some problems with this since the server gives me a timeout before the script can upload the file.

I've told my system administrator to edit the php.ini settings but it's not possible because performance matters... So, I think the only solution is to segment the big files before uploading. It will work for sure but it's a bit annoying and I looks kinda messy in the forum....

I don't know if it's possible but It would be great if the mod could manage all this segmenting stuff internally and then join the file in the server. This way it would be able to manage larger files without having to deal with php.ini settings.

Just a thought :roll:


PS: Please excuse my grammar/spelling, I'm spanish :)
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