[poll] how many language packs - forum descript. translation

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[poll] how many language packs - forum descript. translation

Post by mr.luc »

I need to know how many language packs the average phpbb has installed!
I want to prepare a forum title and description translation mod.

How should it work?

Depending on the language, each forum should have a translated title and description:
Example: this forum
Title : MOD Beta Development
Description: A place for MOD-Authors to post 'beta' MOD's. (No Code Within This Forum Should Be Used Within A Live Environment!)

This is what you see if you are using english.
now you see the same title and description if you use any language pack.

with the mod, you would see the same if you were using english language, but if you switch to german for example you would see:
Title : MOD Beta Entwicklung
Descritpion: Ein Ort wo MOD-Autoren ihre 'beta' MOD's posten können.(Kein Code in diesem Forum sollte auf einem öffentlichen Brett verwendet werden!)

In the admincp the admin can input translation for the languages he wants. If he doesn't provide translation, the default language title and description will appear.

Now here is what I need:
I still don't know if i should let admin modify the database structure to add language support (depending on the amount of language packs installed)
prepare database for a fixed amount of languages.
I myself have never had more than 3 language packs installed.

So I think providing translation possibility for 5 language packs would be more than enough.

If you have more than 5 languages installed only 5 tranlations would be possible.

I would like to know how many language packs you have installed on your board.
if you have more than 5 or less. (If majority has more than 5 i would modify the structure of the mod)
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Name: Gordon Hemsley

Post by GPHemsley »

I have more than 5 languages on my board, but I don't know how many of them are actually getting used.... ;)
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Post by Antony »

1 but I ocasionally use russian when I get bored of English.
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