[DEV] Auction Mod/Add-on - 80% DONE - hit a "snag"

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Post by SixthSphere »

i'm no longer working on this mod.

theres a working auction mod on phpbbhacks
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Anyone working on this?

Post by jschrader »

O.k. don't guess Patrick has this auction mod anymore... FR. Are you still working on this?

anyone else know of any auction tools out there?

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Re: [DEV] Auction Mod/Add-on - 80% DONE - hit a "snag"

Post by fortberry »

I'm editing/updating my post for the benefit of others who may be interested (and much thanks to Lumpy, Brf and poyntesm for pointing me in the right directions):
update: now that the phpbb-auction.com site is back up, I'm developing this idea and an attempted patch for "reserves" on that site, here and here. Any inputs would be much appreciated.

the business model I'm trying to use is that I would receive a commission only if an item sells (i.e. I get paid after someone has used the service).

The MOD isn't set up to guarantee that will work, so I have to hotwire it - for this to work I need two things sorted out:
1. Payment: I get paid by the buyer, I ask seller to ship merchandise, I then transfer his share of payment to him
2. Security: I need to prevent buyer and seller from exchanging full contact details before close of sale, otherwise I could get cut out from receiving payment.

possible solutions:
Here's where I need help:
1. to receive the payment, I want to make my moneybookers account a fixed "answer" in the field which asks auction users which payment method they accept when they register a new auction item for uploading (i.e. my email address would be hardcoded in there / no editing possible). Ideally I would like a way of qualifying the hardcoding with a permission level (i.e. Admins and "preferred customers" would be permitted to edit that field).

2. to prevent buyers and sellers from seeing each others contact details, I used the steps in this thread to make emails, ICQ, etc. visible only to Admins and Mods in certain files. To turn that "if" command into a compound one (which allows more than 1 user_level) poyntesm supplied me with the code below and Lumpy pointed out that the user_level names are as per phpbb2's fixed nomenclature - "ADMIN" and "MOD" (the command must reference the names just like that; ignore any special names assigned in the auction mod or in phpbb2 rank controls):

Code: Select all

if ( $userdata['user_level'] == ADMIN || $userdata['user_level'] == MOD )
the full implementation of the code would be like this - and applied to all the types of contact info called up in the files - ICQ, websites, msn, etc.:

Code: Select all

if ( $userdata['user_level'] == ADMIN || $userdata['user_level'] == MOD )
$email_uri = ( $board_config['board_email_form'] ) ? append_sid("profile.$phpEx?mode=email&" . POST_USERS_URL .'=' . $auction_offer_row['user_id']) : 'mailto:' . $sellerrow[0]['user_email'];

             $email_img = '<a href="' . $email_uri . '"><img src="' . $images['icon_email'] . '" alt="' . $lang['Send_email'] . '" title="' . $lang['Send_email'] . '" border="0" /></a>';
             $email = '<a href="' . $email_uri . '">' . $lang['Send_email'] . '</a>';
			$email_img = '&nbsp;';
			$email = '&nbsp;';
As far as I've found, the phpbb2 files which need this censoring are:

And from the auction mod:

That 2nd file also includes a text link to the seller's email ("email the seller"). I added a clumsy disable into the file which controls that field (languages/lang_en/lang_auction.php): I'd tried to use the user_level condition above in the lang_auction file, but it doesn't seem to work there - the text link at the moment is disable regardless of which user_level accesses the page.

* I also installed the Private Message Admin mod (to prevent exhange of contact details by PM; I mention that in the site's T&C's so users know PMs are monitored)

I'll update this post with more developments/improvements as they come in. I think this is a great mod - if only I can tweak it a little...

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question about making a user_id switch

Post by fortberry »

I want to make a switch so that in a template screen, only the user himself can see certain data fields about himself.

The critical condition is this:

Code: Select all

if ( $auction_offer_row['FK_auction_offer_user_id'] == $userdata['user_id'] )
And the raw SQL query which calls up the relevant field I need (plus some others I don't need) is posted below fyi.

Code: Select all

                 $sql = "SELECT FK_auction_offer_user_id,
                         FROM " . AUCTION_OFFER_TABLE . "
                         WHERE PK_auction_offer_id= " . $HTTP_GET_VARS[POST_AUCTION_OFFER_URL] . "";

                 if( !($result = $db->sql_query($sql)) )
                          message_die(GENERAL_ERROR, 'Could not query auction-start and stop date', '', __LINE__, __FILE__, $sql);
                 $auction_offer_row = $db->sql_fetchrow($result);

                 if ( $auction_offer_row['FK_auction_offer_user_id'] == $userdata['user_id'] )
Unless I'm wrong I, need to create the switch commands in "page_header.php" - but there already exists an SQL command referencing a different table there. Is there any problem if I add this one in there too?

...and, can anyone help me with how I would script the switch related to the condition I mentioned above?

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