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Posted: Wed Oct 01, 2003 9:01 pm
by danyblue

I have finally been able to solve the problem with the sendmail forwarding, it was not trivial, but not to hard, it was just a configuration aspect of the sendmail that have implications on the way we are able to redirect the incoming mails to a script.

I am putting the details on my homepage in order to have it documented .



One more step in the road to CM2F

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2003 6:29 pm
by danyblue

i have tested the php redirecting script from sendmail, i am able now to finally catch in a php script the emails coming into my system. I have have some problems with some little details that i didn't knew in detail that were causing the script no to work.

More details can be seen at my site.


Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2003 7:00 pm
by PhilippT
I yust want to say that this is a great work, and gratulate you that you dont give up :D


Posted: Sat Oct 04, 2003 4:50 pm
by IzyB
I first want to say Thank You!! A group I own on Yahoo has been waiting for something like this. We have been wanting to move the group to my website, but some people didn't want to lose the choice of email or forum posting.

I have a couple questions:

First, does it matter what Mods a person has installed on phpBB when it comes time to install your program?

And second, I'm confused on which website to follow..are they the same or different people working on their own similar program? I have been looking at your site and also Are these the same? Or different?


Posted: Sat Oct 04, 2003 6:03 pm
by danyblue
i am sorry for the confusion that i might have been introducing in this forum, let me explain.
I am the original author of the Mail to Forum (M2F) mod, i have started to the develop it an year a go, and i have released the source code to the public Domain under the GPL license. The original website was
At that time i didn't had the time to continue my development effort since i was taking and intense pos-graduation that was taking all my time.

The M2F has been continued by two people that were sort of helping me with the development. They have created and they are now releasing an alpha release that is working.

In the meanwhile, i have come back, with different ideas on where i wanted to evolve M2F. Since i didn't want to generate noise regarding the evolution of M2F, I decided to change the name of the program to CM2F and to implement the changes that i wanted. So at this moment CM2F is moving forward the following functionalities:

- Mailinglist to forum integration
- Direct Mode -> Define a forum where to send all the messages in a mailing list
- Interactive mode -> Import mailinglist messages into CM2F database and interactively redirect the messages to the destination forum.
- Replymatic -> Redirect manually the first message , and replies will automatically be forwarded to the same forum.
- Forum to mailing list -> Every message post in a forum will be automatically be sent to the associated mailing list
- Forum Subscription -> Let users subscribe to a forum, like they would do to a mailing list.
- glossary mode -> configure words that are suppose to be displayed with a definition associate to them.
- Language mode -> Select the languages to be associated with the mailinglist, and them associate translation mechanism that allow to automatically translate them to other languages.

The integration mode are with:
- Sendmail .forward
- Files -> to import mailing lists archive in order of recover the previous messages in the mailing list.

The new features that are being developped are:

- PNPhpBB integration -> that is almost done
- Postnuke integration - News, Sections and Topics, that is being implemented, this will allow to create a link between the first post in a thread and an article posted in the postnuke environment under a predefined topic/section.

As you can see, the scope of this project goes a little bit further that M2F, and it is why i have decided to change the name to CM2F - Community Management to Forum) since the forum with be the heart of the system.

So if you are interrested in integrationg mailinglists and forums now, you should continue to follow since they are doing a wonderful work. If you want have a fully integrated community management system, than you should be following this thread or to visit the website



re: danyblue

Posted: Sat Oct 04, 2003 6:11 pm
by IzyB
Thanks! That explains that very well :)

My other question was: Does it matter what Mods a person has installed on phpBB when it comes time to install your program? Or should your program be installed with a "clean" version of phpBB?


Posted: Sat Oct 04, 2003 7:33 pm
by danyblue

CM2F is built to be a standalone program, so you can have any mode setup, CM2F will have its own files that are not interrelated with phpbb.

The modifications to phpbb are just done in the posting files, in order of having the code to send emails included in the code.

I hope that i answers your questions.



Posted: Sat Oct 04, 2003 7:38 pm
by danyblue
just to inform anyone interrested that i have finished the integration of CM2F with PNphpBB2, the admin functions are the one that have given me more hardwork due to the way PNPhpbb is integrated into PostNuke.

Some one might asked why so much work with the integration, while some of the CM2F functions have not been tested, simply because the working version of phpbb that i have at this moment setup is PNPhpbb, so the results would be seen with PNphpBB2, so it was mandatory to finish the integration in order to proceed with the testing.

The main problem is with the themes, the graphic aspect with PNphp2 is a little bit ugly, i will post some screenshots later on, or tomorrow.

I will now setup the testing email account to have the mails forward to the forum that i have made available at


New Status

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2003 11:09 pm
by danyblue
just as to keep the people who might be interrested.

The integration of cm2f and sendmail is finish, i have tested today the integration tool between sendmail and the forum an after some problems, I have been able to finally get it working.
What's the buzz, mitgh others ask, the integration tool works in several distinct Action types and Modes, depending on where you want to run the tool and how you want to integrate your messages into the forum.

The actions available are:

MBOX - It checks the mbox file and imports the messages.
FILES - it looks for predefined files;
INBOX - It connects through IMAP or POP3 to a mailbox and imports the messages, deleting them.
MAILINGLIST ARCHIVE - it looks for a file or series of files containing mailing lists archives, this needs to be better coded, because the formats that the files can vary a lot between mailing list managers.
M2FSTDIN - Reads the message directly from sendmail.

The modes in which any of the previous actions can be executed are:
AUTOMATIC - By default you configure the messages from a predefined mailing list to be forwarded automatically to a forum.

INTERACTIVE - By default all the messages are buffered in CM2F database, and the administrator chooses interactively the messages that he wants to integrate as well as the destination forum where to put the messages.

REPLYMATIC - A mix between the two previous modes, the first thread of a message is processed manually, then afterwards, any message belonging to the same thread will automatically be redirected with the same configuration as the first one.

The INTERACTIVE mode is managed through an special interface where all the messages imported are listed. The administrator is able to choose set of messages, and then by selecting on a dropdown combo the destination forum, directly integrate it.

If anyone remembers any other option, suggestions will be appreciated and taken in account.

As always more detail at CM2F home site, i will be opening the interactive menu open for testing as soon as i have the mailbox configured.


Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2003 10:54 am
by MoonWalker
Very interesting MOD, but what about Postfix?

What about Postfix?

Posted: Fri Oct 10, 2003 9:15 pm
by danyblue
Hi, but i do not understand the question.
Postfix is an alternative mail server based on sendmail, so theorically it should support the same functions and configuration files.
Netherless it don't represent a real problem since the integration is made by a php script that can be ran from the command line, crontab, manually.



Posted: Sat Oct 11, 2003 12:24 am
by MoonWalker
Well I asked as I havn't been able to test the mod so I cannot know :-) I know Postfix is "sendmail compatible" so I guess it should be able to handle it. However, I use maildir and not mbox which may be a problem, but once we are there I may can figure out how to "re-mod" it to work with maildir, if it's needed but it's hard to know in this stage.

watching this threed with excitement :-)

MAILDIR support

Posted: Sun Oct 12, 2003 5:40 am
by danyblue
Hi Moonwalker,
i have been looking at your question in order to know if it could be support, theorically it should work, because CM2F can operate with IMAP, and if your server support MAILDIR and IMAP then for CM2F it is transparent.
OFfcourse there is the new question, what about the commandline version to be integrated with crontab or other mail daemon? From what i have been looking in webpages, i think it should be no problem at all because they are php scripts that can make the integration.
But your question has bring my attention to some rather very important aspect of any application that works integrate with ever changing technologies, what about tomorrow, or with a new technology ?
So i have decided to implement a virtualization of the mail functions in CM2F, instead of working with the functions that were available with the libraries i am going to use my own library.
Together with this i am creating a new configuration menu where i am enabling the possibility to have plugins that can be used to associate to the names in my library new code to support new mail formats that i was not thinking off.
With this i think that it woult be simple to support other requests like yours.


status CM2f

Posted: Sun Oct 12, 2003 5:48 am
by danyblue
i have been having some problems with the testing of CM2F which has forced me to make some further programming in order to solve a problem that i have missed before.
THe problem is caused by the integration with PNphpBB2, because the languages functions that were implemented, and that allowed me to translated the threads to other languages, using translations engines, is returning and error in the interactive mode when editing the text to perform some corrections to the text.
I am changin the way it was working in order to create a work around.

I am having also a problem with the integration of CM2F with then news systems in Envolution/Postnuke . although the code to integrate is finished, i am having difficulties to make active the module NS-CM2F that i have created, the CMS is not allowing me to access to its functions.
I have been trying to find some documentation regardint it, and i have make some questions over a couple a forums, but i have not received any answer.
I hope it should not taking much longer.

As always more details at my sites.


New Feature inclusion

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2003 3:52 pm
by danyblue
After a a private message asking for information regarding the support of a feature, i have seen that i was missing some thing that should be as most as important as to integrate mailing lists or newsgroups into phpbb.

The way CM2F is working is to process an email account incoming mail, parse the sender field and identifiy it is included in the database and in the case where it is recognized, integrate it in the forum database, using one of the three possibilities coded (Automatic, Replymatic, Interactive).

But what about when it is the content of a predefined email acocount that you want to process? This means, that i want to move the content of the email account to Forum XXXForum?
Since it is really quite easy to perform, mainly copy-paste stuff changing some conditions, i have decided to implement it, since i think it can bring more interrest to the application.

Regardign the activation of the postnuke news integration module, i am still having some problems, i am looking for more information, and i ma comparing line by line my code with other modules code, in order to see if i have made some error.