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Importing status

Posted: Wed Feb 18, 2004 4:44 pm
by danyblue
On importing, CM2F allows to break the processing into predefined pages, which helps avoiding the errors with php execution time or memory usage.

The status are self explained with icons and text. The version currently being worked, will identify mailinglists not used before and will selfconfigure the system to use it if the administrator wants to.

In the screenshot, CM2F detected that some messages were previously imported and skipped them.


Interactive panel

Posted: Wed Feb 18, 2004 4:49 pm
by danyblue
CM2F allows the message importation to be ran into 3 modes.


In automatic and replymatic mode, the messages are directly imported the pre-defined forum( in replymatic, the first message of a thread is moved to a forum, and the following ones will directly be moved to the same forum)

In interactive, all the messages are kept in CM2F database and can be interactively moved through CM2F interactive screen to the selected forums.


Manage Threads

Posted: Wed Feb 18, 2004 4:51 pm
by danyblue
From the interactive interface, it is possible to chose a thread and to manage it.
You can change the order of the messages, delete a message or ban an user that is behaving inaccordingly to your site rules.


Edit Messages

Posted: Wed Feb 18, 2004 4:53 pm
by danyblue
You are also free to edit the contents of the messages in threads.
CM2F is implementing some filtering functions, but in case they are not effective you can manually edit the message and clean the less relevant, optimizing the size and quality of the content.


to be continued ....

Mailinglist Input Manager

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2004 2:03 am
by danyblue
After having solved the problems with the communcation modules in CM2F i have worked a better input stream management, in order to be able to manage a set of mailboxes, mbox files or stdins, keeping them under control in order to know what is going around with sytem.

The result is the CM2F input manager. you can now add as much input stream as you want into CM2F, and you can manage them from a single interface where their status is displayed.
it is possible also to ran them as if with the crontab in unix, associeated with the stream you can set a timer that will be used to check a regular timeframes the content of the mailbox.
The input manager is working in both the standalone and the postnuke verstion. They will released as beta 1.07 in the next days. I am a little delayed because of the hardwork cause by the communications module.

here is a screenshot.


CM2F Beta release 1.07

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2004 3:32 pm
by danyblue

just to inform that every thing is ready to release CM2F beta release 1.07 for phpbb and pnphp, it should be released tomorrow 27 February, i am just polishing some of the interfaces and some of the installation procedures.


Cm2F beta 1.07

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2004 9:35 am
by danyblue

just to inform that FINALLY, after a rather important delay, i have been able to release the Beta version of CM2F, both versions, phpbb standalone, and of Postnuke PNphpbb Version.


Beta Cm2F 1.07 and PNCm2f 1.07c

Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2004 12:21 am
by danyblue

just to inform that i have released the phpbb and pnphpbb version of CM2F.

it is mainly the solving of some bugs that where found in the previous version.

The application is now fully implementing:

- Threaded messages integration
- HTML Support
- Signature add
- Signature trimming
- Timer to emulate cron through the webpage.

It works under 2 basic modes, inputstreams (mailboxes, mboxes, sendmail,etc...) or mailinglists.
Each of this modes can be Automatic, interactive and Reply Matic.

There are no limit for the number of input streams.

It support logs for debug ( I am still improving the text of messages).

Statistics - Messages imported per message.

When working in mailinglist mode, a wizzard is made available that autoconfigure the CM2F to configure the records necessary to integrate the mailinglist into the forum,

Forum 2 mail is also supported now, and fully customizable through templates language orientated, this means that you can have your forum working with several languages at the same time.

My main problem now, is that i need more people that could help me increase the debugging of the application, only a few have left with CM2F, having preferred to move to my other project M2F.

Once this versions are fully debugged, i will release the attach mode, which i am alpha testing on my site, it seems to be working fine, but some errors are still ocurring, and my experience tells me now, that the number of problems is highly depending on different configurations.

I am also, in the postnuke version, working with integration of the News ad comments modules with CM2F, in order to be able to feed postnuke directly with the contents of Cm2F and vice versa, this work is more or less 50% complete. The convertion of threads into postnuke comments is giving me some hardtime.

I am also testing CM2F with other phpbb versions for other CMSs, i have been able to have it working without any modifciation with phpbb for XOOPS.

That's it.



Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2004 4:15 pm
by vrflyer
Kind of LOST on which one is needed for phpBB2 use only ? (confusing from your site) :?

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2004 1:38 pm
by vrflyer
Hello ................ Bueller ??? :lol:

Back To work

Posted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 4:46 pm
by danyblue
Hello all,

just to inform that after a couple of months away due to the end of a posgraduation that i was taking, i am now getting back to the developpment of CM2F with new ideas and enhanced energies.

I am, again, redefining the communication modules which is causing the worst damage to the module credibility, and enhancing the wizzard mode that i started in the last beta, which will allow the system to almost autoconfigure himself to start the integration of messages into the system.

These where the two most hot critics against the application, so i think that along the next weeks, with next beta releases they should step at a step vanish.

In the meanwhile i have finished the installation script which is working fine, and i have tested CM2F with the phpbb port to XOOPS cms, it works with some limitations in the administration mode, that i will trying to be solving.

If someones is an specialist in XOOPs and the NewBB forum used by this system, i would be glad to receive some help in porting CM2F to this engine, since on the roadmap toward the final features of CM2F i see that XOOPS have a lot of features that would be very good to be used by CM2F.



New Update

Posted: Mon Jul 19, 2004 3:11 pm
by danyblue

A new update to CM2F is about to be make.

A part of the communications problems, i have been working with the setup aspect of the application.

The second most commented critic to CM2F is that it was very hard to setup and to have running. To eliminate this, i have look around to see what other software were doing, and i have imitaded the winzip mode, which asks to the user to select a interface mode, advanced or wizzard.

Basically what the application is that in order to work, it will just ask for the email setup and it will discover everything it needs to configure itself along the way.

Netherelse if the user wants more flexibility he will always have the option to switch to the advance mode, where all the funcionalities are available.

One other feature that have been integrated, but is not yet working correctly is a RSS feed mode. Now, CM2F will be able if need to produce an RSS version of the information integrated in the phpbb database, with all the threading and filtering already done by the core engine.
I think that this feature will be very helpfull into expanding the possibilities of the application.

I am finishing a couple of details before releasing the new source into the next beta version. I am hoping that this will be the definitive version before finally switching from a BETA to RELEASE CANDIDATE.

To have this done, i will definitivly need the help of people that are willing to help me test and change any flaw or error that i still could have on my code.

Thank you,


New Status update

Posted: Thu Oct 28, 2004 8:21 pm
by danyblue
Hello everyone,

it is once more time to update the status about CM2F.

At this moment , due to the complexity that a lot of users have been complaining, i have implemented a wizzard mode that will take the user through the creation of the structures needed to configure correctly CM2F.

I have reworked two of the running modes that i developed and that i called InputSteams and Mailinglists, before they were different elements that used different structures to work. I have changed this and i have linked the two of them, that means that the inputstream is used to configure the access to the media where the messages will come from, mailbox. files, mbox, sendmail, etc.
At this point , the messages can be associated directly to a forum, or it can be further filtered in order to forward the messages based on a particular source of the message (Malinglist). This have given the system a tremendous flexibility to work from small environments where the user only have one mailbox to access the messages, to heavy sites, where several mailboxes exist to perform the integration of the messages into the forum.

In order to make more easy and confortable the processing of big amount of information, i have created a mode, that i call PAGED, where the processing of the messages takes place by pages(configured in general configurations), that means that for instance you are trying to import a mailinglist archive several megas long, the system will not crash or hang, it will simply page by page process all the messages.

the virtual cron is working fine and associated with the InputStream manager interface used as a dashboard to follow the usage statistics of the diverses mailinglists integrated in the system.

The manual is being reviewed by an english native, which means that it will be easier to read and understand.

This means that the new version is finally coming up. Based on the feedback of several users of CM2F, the system is working perfectly without problems, HTML and Threads are correctly interpreted and the Interactive mode allows to edit the messages or the thread order in order to give more quality to the content, the automatic and replymatic modes are major helps in organizing the information and is working very good (some errors happen but caused by header changes by the user.)

The system is being ported to XOOPS Newbb, and i have received some requests to port it to other platforms like MDPro.

Help would be appreciated to review the code since my coding skills are equal to my english writing. The development can now be followed at the forge that i have setup for the new releases. So just send me an email or private message and i will study the request.

Keep in touch and informed at

Cm2F status updated

Posted: Thu Nov 04, 2004 9:31 pm
by danyblue

just to inform that i have once more update the status for CM2F.

The new version is almost done, just need to polish the wizzard mode and to remove some visual references that i put in the code to help me understand if the module was performing like it was suppose to.



Testing Environment open

Posted: Wed Nov 10, 2004 9:48 pm
by danyblue

just to inform that the testing environment for CM2F is now open at

I have created some mailinglists and i have searching for newsletters and users that are willing to testing CM2F features by sending messages to

Some examples are already in place that are showing the HTML processing features, i will try to create some threads.

The next feature that i will configure will try to demonstrate the usage of InputStreams and Mailinglists mode when mapping mailinglists in a webforum.

I am going to open also the admin interface to allow the users, interrested in feeling CM2F, to make a drive test and see the power and flexibility of CM2F. The admin site will only be given to registered users of To have the access just PM the administrator for an admin access, the requests will be evaluated.

I am also uploading the code to the CVS , this is being done at the same time that i am doing those last tests in order to clean the code, from all echos, and minor bugs, once the code consolidated in the CVS, i will release what i think will be the RELEASE CANDIDATE.

Join the fun.