[RELEASE] DST MOD (daylight savings time)

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Post by cdkrg »

BTW everyone here are the locations if you want to add them to the time zone select part.
They were in an earlier version of phpbb but were removed due to DST problems.

If anyone needs help putting them back in I'll write it up but this should be enough info.

gmt -12 Eniwetok, Kwajalein

-11 Midway Island, Samoa

-10 Hawaii

-9 Alaska

-8 Pacific Time (US & Canada), Tijuana

-7 Mountain Time (US & Canada), Arizona

-6 Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City

-5 Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima, Quito

-4 Atlantic Time (Canada), Caracas, La Paz

-3:30 Newfoundland

- 3 Brazilia, Buenos Aires, Georgetown, Falkland Is

-2 Mid-Atlantic, Ascension Is, St. Helena

-1 Azores, Cape Verde Is.

GMT Casablanca, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Lisbon, Monrovia

+1 Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Madrid, Paris, Rome

+2 Cairo, Helsinki, Kaliningrad, South Africa

+3 Baghdad, Riyadh, Moscow, Nairobi

+3.30 Tehran

+ 4 Abu Dhabi, Baku, Muscat, Tbilisi

+ 4 .5 Kabul

+ 5 Ekaterinburg, Islamabad, Karachi, Tashkent

+5.5 Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, New Delhi

+6 Almaty, Colombo, Dhaka, Novosibirsk

+6.5 Rangoon

+7 Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta

+ 8 Beijing, Hong Kong, Perth, Singapore, Taipei

+ 9 Osaka, Sapporo, Seoul, Tokyo, Yakutsk

+9.5 Adelaide, Darwin

+10 Canberra, Guam, Melbourne, Sydney, Vladivostok

+11 Magadan, New Caledonia, Solomon Is.

+12 Auckland, Wellington, Fiji, Marshal Is.
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Post by cdkrg »

cdkrg wrote: There are several problems with this mod upon install and I'd greatly appreciate any clarification about it.

This doesn't exist:
$user_timezone = $userdata['user_timezone'];

But this does
$user_timezone = $this_userdata['user_timezone'];

Ok, no big deal but what about the modded code?

Should this:
// OLD $user_timezone = $userdata['user_timezone'];
$user_timezone = ( $userdata['user_timezone'] > 12 ) ? $userdata['user_timezone'] - 50 : $userdata['user_timezone']; // DST MOD

be this?
// OLD $user_timezone = $this_userdata['user_timezone'];
$user_timezone = ( $this_userdata['user_timezone'] > 12 ) ? $this_userdata['user_timezone'] - 50 : $this_userdata['user_timezone']; // DST MOD

and in page_header it says to look for this:
'S_TIMEZONE' => sprintf($lang['All_times'], $lang[$board_config['board_timezone']]),

When all I have is this:
'S_TIMEZONE' => sprintf($lang['All_times'], $lang[number_format($board_config['board_timezone'])]),

What should I do with that extra number format bit?

I'd really like to use this mod and any help with those bits of code would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, what about the problems mentioned earlier with admin editing of the profiles? Has that been solved?

Can anyone help with those two snippets?
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Post by Brandons »

Don't Know If This Is Posted Somewhere. But if you change

Code: Select all

if ( $board_config['dstime'] ) $tz++; // DST MOD 

Code: Select all

if ( $board_config['dstime'] ) $tz--; // DST MOD 
then it will show correct time for users whom are using this... after the october daylight savings... for the west coast...
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Re: [RELEASE] DST MOD (daylight savings time)

Post by HUDSON »

blulegend wrote: This is what I'm sending everyone:

Here's the link that I have uploaded to this site.

Please let me know if it works out for you.

http://www.phpbb.com/mods/downloads/upl ... d_copy.txt

Seems to be working for everyone that had asked so here it is.

UPDATE: the link is down since it was on the dead server, here's the code:

I used the coding from bluelegend.
I'm having the problem that when you go to change the DST from no to yes it has this as the title ":" and when i submit it doesn't change it - when i try again it doesn't appear to be on yes or no.
Here's the link if you don't get what i mean!

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phpbb 2.0.4?

Post by chadsmith »

Does this mod work in 2.0.4?
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Re: phpbb 2.0.4?

Post by ogden2k »

chadsmith wrote: Does this mod work in 2.0.4?

I'd like to know this also... Why wouldn't they include this in the config by default?? :x
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Post by smithy_dll »

please release mods into the new MODDB

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