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Post by fleccy »

PlanetMelb wrote: Kool, howdy Fleccy

Are you still supporting it?

yeah, but i'm hard to find these days, i just thought yeah let's visit phpbb.com and i saw this thread and thought what the hell, but soon i will probably start work again, i'm very busy :P
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Post by skinnycholo »

need help!!!
i have this down:http://www.sp-power.com/forum/index.php ... 9c609851dc

but i think i am missing this:

Code: Select all

// Database settings
define("C_DB_TYPE", 'mysql');					
define("C_DB_HOST", 'localhost');				
define("C_MSG_TBL", 'phpbb_c_messages');				
define("C_USR_TBL", 'phpbb_c_users');					
define("C_REG_TBL", 'phpbb_users'); 			
define("C_BAN_TBL", 'phpbb_c_ban_users'); 
which password name/user/pass do i use?
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Post by agbrint »

is there actually code that works for the integration, cos the code on the phpmychat website really doesnt work at all... there is no chatlink.php or any such file, meaning beginners like me are stuck for how to add it in? help, anyone??? please??
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Post by japanforums.net »

links are broken, where can I find some screenshots?
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Post by TimJBart »

I wouldn't mind some screenies as well. Might be a good mod, but it'd probably be easier just to add a chat link in the header!
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Post by Jadestone »

EDITED: Fixed this myself :P
Last edited by Jadestone on Fri Jul 22, 2005 5:37 pm, edited 1 time in total.
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Post by pomelo »

japanforums.net wrote: links are broken, where can I find some screenshots?

I've got exactelly the same problem :?
Links for demo ans downloads are broken
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Post by Jadestone »

Ahhhh! i am redoing my forums and now the links r dead!!! NNoooooo!!!!

i love this chat... :(
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Post by Jaysc »

managed to find the sourceforge site and download this chat. from what i understand, you are able to port over an existing forum database so that forum users don't have to register to use the chat. this is what i'd like to do, however being a PHP noob, i have no idea how to do this. is there a value or two or change, or is it a little more complex than that? how would i do this?
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Post by php_user »

Where can i download this chat? I wish install phpMyChat v1.3
I dont find anything in first page !!! links are lost.

I forget my admin user/password? what to do, i dont have saved install mod.

edit: I Solve !

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Post by hmartin »

Any chance this would even work on the latest version of phpBB?
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Post by mraveling »

Is this mod still available? Where can I find it?

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Post by MHobbit »

It looks like the original MOD author, JJSmallBaller, has abandoned this MOD. From his topic starter:
JJSmallBaller's topic starter wrote: Last edited by JJSmallballer on Thu Oct 30, 2003 9:58 pm; edited 39 times in total

Also, he/she hasn't posted here since May 14, 2004. More than a year ago. As such, I'm considering this MOD abandoned, and locking this topic.

JJSmallBaller (or anyone with his/her permission), if you come back and wish to continue development of this MOD, don't hesitate to contact me regarding this.
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