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Re: Date format?

Post by Paddic »

chadcham wrote: Does anyone know what date format this stores into the user_birthday field of the phpbb_users table? For example, my birthday is 10-18-1974 and in the user_birthday field it is stored as 1751. I need to populate this field from a spreadsheet, but I cannot figure out what logic is used to generate the short format used for the date.


Looking at the values, could it be days since 1-1-1970?
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Post by chadcham »

Thanks so much Paddic! That is exactly what it is. I had not even though of that, although I have seen it in code in other apps before....

I have one other one since someone else has probably already done something like this. I wanted to include the users first and last name (which I store after installing 'The Defpom's' full name in profile mod) instead of the username in the calendar for their birthday in the topic calendar and in the hover text for the birthday.

I have a pretty good idea on how to do this, but I wanted to check and see if anyone has already tackled this.

Thanks again!
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