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Re: So do you have to actively

Post by drathbun »

teguh123 wrote: Do you have to actively send checks to them?

No, because...
ThinkBling wrote: This mod allows posters to share AdSense revenue. After posting a minimum number of posts, and filling in their Adsense revenue, 1/2 the Adsense ads shown for their posts will be with their ID.

If the ads are shown with the user's affiliate ID, then google credits their account with the clicks and the $$. Essentially what this MOD does (reading between the lines, as I have not downloaded / reviewed the code) is let individuals on the board join the adsense program, and then their ads will be displayed on the board. It's like if I were to join your board and have my own adsense ads appear there based on my posting activity.

I could be wrong, but that's the way I interpret this.
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Gary Miller
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Post by Gary Miller »

This just gets more and more interesting.

- g~

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Post by Hac »

This is an extremely useful Mod and I installed it on my forum. But the problem now is this time MySQL problem I'm getting. I'm using Aphrodite Skin. When I goto my own user profile and click on 'Setup Google Adsense' this is what I get:

Code: Select all

Could not select default dateformat


SQL Error : 1146 Table 'hac_buddville.phpbb_buddad_user' doesn't exist

SELECT * FROM phpbb_buddad_user WHERE user_id = 2
Line : 26
File : ad_profile.php
I've installed everything as per instructions and the the admin section of this mod seems to be working too. I've enabled the revenue sharing option and added a minimum of 25 posts. Plz do reply.

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Post by ehoward2 »

I'm also trying to install this MOD.

I MOD'd a fresh 2.0.18 install.

The admin part of this MOD works fine for me.

However, the user part does not.

Problem #1 is it does not add the correct USER ID to the phpbb_ad_user struct (? i'm not sure what it's called in SQL). No matter which user fills out the Adsense Profile, it is always user "0".

Problem #2 is that when I modify the SQL database myself, the information I enter will populate the Adsense profile for the user to see but it will not serve the ads on the pages it is supposed to.

I'm going to try to figure this out, but I'm not a PHP or SQL guy.

If anyone else has any ideas or even can just say they've gotten it to work out of the box, that would be appreciated.

My install is at: http://forums.saturnet.net/phpbb

I'll post an update if I get it to work.

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Post by ehoward2 »

To post the correct userdata to the SQL database from the Profile page, you need change:

Code: Select all

 //Get the user ID.
  $user_id = intval($HTTP_POST_VARS['id']);

Code: Select all

 //Get the user ID.
  $user_id = intval($userdata['user_id'] );
in ad_profile_validate.php

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Post by MHobbit »

It looks like the original author has abandoned this MOD... ThinkBling, the author, hasn't posted here since October 4, 2004. As such, I'm considering this MOD abandoned, and locking this topic.

ThinkBling, if you come back and wish to continue development of this MOD, don't hesitate to contact me regarding this.
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