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Post by MaddoxX »

does it work on 0.17?
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Post by khisanthax »

I wonder the same thing. I've been trying to install it, but I've found so many missing lines that I'm sure I've messed up somehow. Can anyone verify that it can be one on 0.17?
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Post by Handyman` »

Yes, I have this working on 2.0.17.

I seem to have 1 problem though, and it only happens for me (user_id = '2')

when my session is not active, newreplies are not logged for me. When my session is active, everything works just like it's supposed too.

I'm not sure if it's some incompatibility with 2.0.17 or an error I made.

Also, Safetsurfa's board's don't seem to be active right now.
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Post by W|-|IPPY »

Seems to work on 2.0.19, though I didn't have it installed long enough to be able to verify everything, as I found it difficult to add additional information due to most of the editing required being in actual php files as opposed to the templates.
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Post by MHobbit »

Considering that the original MOD author, safeTsurfa, is/was banned for quite a while now, I'm locking this topic, as he of course can't maintain his MOD here if he is banned. ;-)

Anyone who wants to take this MOD over should PM me regarding this. Thanks.
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