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Post by SommerNyte »

Hyperion ~ Thanks for the replies. It's so nice when a mod author supports his mod! :)

Another thing I noticed is that the calendar shows January 2005, not the current month. Did I miss something in the install? I thought it would show the current month.

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Post by SommerNyte »

Another question... My image upload is not working. Well, it sort of is. The file gets uploaded, if I look at the directory on-line, the file is there, but it's not viewable.

When I try to view the image, it says it need to be set as world-readable. However it *is* set world-readable, so I checked the .htaccess file, which was set to deny from all. I disabled he .htaccess for now. How is this supposed to work?

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Post by Cross_+_Flame »

SommerNyte wrote: Another thing I noticed is that the calendar shows January 2005, not the current month. Did I miss something in the install? I thought it would show the current month.
That's in this thread on his demo forum...fifth post down.

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Re: [BETA] The Blog Mod

Post by abcunit »

hyperion wrote: The Blog Mod (old mod Forum Weblogs Mod)
(0.2.0 released - January 23, 2005)

The Blog Mod is a fully featured weblog system designed to integrate with a phpBB forum and thus allow all its members the opportunity to create a weblog and share their thoughts to the rest of the forum in the form of a online journal/diary. The overall purpose of this mod is to keep communities closer together (rather than joining a humongous community just for a weblog (i.e. livejournal, xanga, etc.) and as a method of grouping weblogs together by community (unlike other systems such as blogger, moveable type)

The features so far
  • Weblogs can be created by any member of the board, but only in simple mode (where only basic, basic options can be chosen).
  • Fully Customizable weblogs for those approved by an administrator.
  • Show/Hide certain blocks (in simple mode)
  • Full posting system with unlimited comments.
  • Calendar and/or a simple Previous/Forward link to view past entries
  • Selectable styles for simple mode, and as a base for the advanced mode.
  • 4 Levels of authentication to allow certain people to view their weblog (All viewers, Registered Only, Friends Only, or Weblog Owner)
  • 4 Levels of authentication for each individual entry (same levels as above).
  • Mood, and Action Icons per entry to specify the mood that the owner is feeling and what he/she is currently doing.
  • RSS script for rss feeds.
  • HTML, BBCode, and Smilies can be used just like how phpbb uses them.
  • Fully functional friends list, that allows you to add a friend and then you'll be able to see all your friend's latest post all on one page.
  • Also in the friends page, it will also show who has listed you as a friend ("Friend of...").
  • Blocked List
  • Entire weblog structure is mostly independant from the phpbb forum system, which means less hassle when installing and much less conflicts.
  • Option for admins to disable weblog face plates in the weblog index and instead use a default, small (one line) faceplate; useful for boards with large webloggers.
  • Administrators can choose whether or not to censor weblogs and their entries
  • In the entry viewing page, the actual entry is seperated completely and styleized from the replies.
  • When a user chooses to delete the weblog, it is marked for deletion and will not be visible in the weblog index. The weblog may be undeleted as long as an Administrator has not purged all weblogs that were marked for deletion.
  • Automatically tries to CHMOD files in order to access them. If it is unable to (i.e. no file there) the script will inform the user of the exact file it was looking for.
  • Weblog pages will show the "RSS" icon in the bottom right of the window for those using Firefox 1.0PR (for the Live Bookmarks!)
  • In easy mode, you can edit the look and feel of your weblog very, very easily! Over 30 options that can be changed! This allows styles to be used as a base, where colors and fonts can be changed.
  • Mood sets
  • Customizable simple mode (i.e. choose background colors, add music/background image, etc.)
  • Recently updated blogs (by user or by weblog name) on the index.
  • Clicking on "Post your comment" on a weblog's main page will open another window, completely styled like the weblog is.
  • Personal shoutbox for each weblog! Allows smileys, bbcode and limited html (as per forum settings)
  • Permalink for each entry
  • Trackback support, for sending/receiving trackback pings.
  • Picture Uploading - Users can upload pictures (with restrictions on size/height/width), and then they can be placed whereever they want using the BBCode that is generated
Coming soon:
  • Categories for sorting entries to.
Yet to be finished
  • [95%] Administration Panel pages
  • [-50%] Installation/Upgrade scripts
December 22, 2004
The Blog Mod version 0.1.0 released!

Finally the first beta of The Blog Mod is released ;-). For most people, you just have to unzip the contents of the package, upload to your website, and follow the instructions.

January 23, 2005
The Blog Mod version 0.2.0 released!

Significant behind-the-scenes changes were made, much of it in the template section so if you made a template, you should compare and find the differences.

Changes include:
- Revamped weblog fetching. The previous one did not work well because it stored the last entry id which may or may not be viewable, may or may not be deleted, and may or may not be in the future.

- Trackbacks can now be deleted.

- Entries can be made in the future, and they will not affect other lists such as the weblogs list. The entries will simply be shown above others in the weblog page.

- Many small bugs fixed, and many small improvements made (in speed and functionality), including the bugs for the previous version.

There are NO SQL changes in this release. Simply replace the files and make the change in index.php if you are upgrading.

Scroll down furthur for the download.

A quick installation script (db_update.php) is provided, so that you can make the database changes. If you have the old Forum Weblogs Mod currently installed you should run the uninstall script (uninstall_forum_weblogs.php). It will remove the sql tables associated with that mod. The entries are still there (stored as forums and posts), and I'll make an upgrade script that will allow you to convert a forum weblog to the new system.

Also, be careful who you grant permission to for the fully customizable weblogs ("advanced mode") IF you have the eXtreme Styles mod. That mod allows php execution in templates, so this could lead to some serious problems. On the other hand, it could also enrich the blog with extra content!

Don't forget to install a weblog template! To do this, unzip the contents of a template's zip file (two templates are included in the package) to the weblogs/templates/ folder. One template is already done for you. Each template should have their own folder (like phpbb's template system). Then go to the Administration Control Panel => Weblog Templates => Add New Template.

Some things to note:
- The Private Templates feature is kinda useless right now, there's no facility to change a weblog's template to use a private template. If you're confortable with manual database handling you can figure out how to switch the template of a weblog

Some things you should know:
  • If you had the Forum Weblogs Mod previously installed, you must reverse the changes from the original. Here are the changes. Be sure to do them manually!


    After you finish this, remove the database changes by running uninstall_forum_weblogs.php. Note, this is NOT an uninstall for The Blog Mod. They are seperate mods.

    When installing, run the database installation script (db_update.php), rather than doing it yourself through EasyMod. EasyMod doesn't seem to like primary keys with two fields. It will output:

    Code: Select all

    No SQL alterations will be performed. However, you may skip SQL processing, continue installing the MOD, and deal with the SQL manually. 
    The following error occured: 
    FATAL ERROR: Unable to parse SQL statement; malformed type length in field near [KEY (owner_id ] 
    SQL Line: 
    CREATE TABLE phpbb_weblog_blocked ( owner_id MEDIUMINT(8) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', blocked_id MEDIUMINT(8) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', PRIMARY KEY (owner_id, blocked_id) )
    The SQL will run fine using db_update.php. (Tested on mysql 4). Just upload to your forum root directory and access it using your web browser. Delete it after the sql is done.
  • Ensure that the following have the appropriate permissions:
    weblogs/ - 755
    weblogs/upload/ - 755
    weblogs/templates/ - 755
    weblogs/templates/(any template folder) - 755
    any .htm and .cfg file that comes in the zip file - 755
    all else - 644
  • If a directory doesn't have the correct permissions, the script won't be able to create a files in weblogs/ in Advanced Mode. Then, you'll get errors saying file not found. If that happens, create a blank file with the name of the missing file (as shown in weblog_config.php or by clicking on "Bloc CP") in the directory weblogs/ and the go to the Blog CP and choose "Reload Template". Make sure that weblogs/ is CHMOD 755
  • EasyMod may also choke on the COPY section. If this happens, you should just do this manually (just upload all the files, keeping the same directory structure, to your forum root directory.
  • Do NOT forget to install a weblog template! If you go to the Administration Panel and try to select a directory, it will not work (the preview image will be broken - an indication that the template isn't there). Just open up either or both of the zip files included within the first zip file (simpleGray.zip or ljDigitalMultiplex) and extract them to their own folder under the weblogs/templates/ directory. Then go to the Admin Control Panel -> Weblog Templates, and add the template there.
  • For those of you who are having problems with the permissions, here are the changes you should make (even if you don't you may also want to do these anyway):
  • If you get the error "Table WEBLOG_CONFIG_TABLE doesn't exist" or something similar, ensure that you made the changes to constants.php correctly. "WEBLOG_CONFIG_TABLE" is a constant referring to the actual table, plus your forum prefix.
Here is the mod:

The Blog Mod version 0.2.0

Demo Site
(username: test password: test)

It's preferred if you create a new account, and then create a new weblog. This is so that I can test the mod with large numbers of weblogs.
(I'm still offering some support for the old mod, although I'm leaning heavily towards this mod ;-))

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Post by one_mad_punk »

Hi there

I know im going to sound thick, i did try reading all 42 pages prior to this one, but either people had similar problems and i couldnt see the fix, or im just to plain thick to see it

I have the mod installed, the buttons are there and the new functions are on the admin panle, however the Action Choices and Mood Choices buttons dont do anything, they just display a grey area where the tables should be

the blogs blogs cp and my blogs buttons on php displaly

No Blogs have been created. Please wait for one to be created or create one yourself.

You must belong in a usergroup that is allowed to create a Blog.

Sorry, the Blog you selected does not exist.

I have tryed chmoding the files to 777 as a previous poster sugested but that did not work either

I am using phpbb2.13 ( if that makes any diffrence)

If any one could help it would be greatly apreciated

Cheers Steven (email one_mad_punk@yahoo.co.uk)

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blog with pcp

Post by urukai »


this is a great blog thx for this

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Post by hyperion »

one_mad_punk: You can either turn off "Require Authentication" in the Admin CP, or you can go to the "Group Management" pages, and assign a group to be able to create weblogs.

SommerNyte: Try removing one of the .htaccess files in the upload/ directory or the weblog/ directory.
The Blog Mod: ( Dev Topic | Demo )
The Blog Mod version 0.2.3 - Released May 18, 2005

Forum Weblogs Mod: (discontinued)

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Post by stickerboy »

hyperion, first of all, thanks for a most excellent MOD :)
installed fine, but I have a similar problem to one_mad_punk, where if I try to access weblop.pgp, it says I have no blogs created when i have set 2 up :?

all permissions are set ok and i tried removing .htaccess. not sure what else to try :oops:

*edit* also, the most recently updated Blogs on the index do not show anything 8O
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Post by moodgard »

cherokee red wrote: where if I try to access weblop.pgp, it says I have no blogs created when i have set 2 up :?

I had this problem also, there are several fixes to 0.2.0 that are on Hyperion's site, see this topic

For me, the fix for no blogs created was (copied from last item on link above):

Code: Select all

In weblog_config.php, 

if ( !($weblog_data['owner_id'] == $userdata['user_id']) && $weblog_id ) 

if ( !($weblog_data['weblog_id'] == $userdata['user_weblog']) && $weblog_id ) 

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Post by shirleycaat »

I tried to use template datebase caching (in phpbb "contrib" directory),
there is parse error when I click "blog config":

Code: Select all

Parse error: parse error in 
/includes/template.php(164) : eval()'d code on line 372
the line 372 in "template_db_cache.php" is

Code: Select all

$block_names[0] = ".";

any solution?

Colonel Bill
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Post by Colonel Bill »

Here are some ideas for the Blog.

- Comments for the articles are forum threads. ( that you already have )

- For the visitor it is impossible to begin a new thread for a comment. ( that you already have too )

- For the moderator it is possible to convert a single comment post into a new thread.

- While posting the article, it shall be possible to mark forum categories. A links to these forum categories shall be present below the article after the article is posted.

- Whenever a comment post is converted into a thread or a new thread is posted into the forum categories, it shall be possible
1. to quote the original article
2. to include the original article entirely
3. to include a link to the original article

Forums categories are a must have. It is a way to guide the discussion of the articles. It makes things easier. If somebody wants to comment and to say something more then hey cool, or something entirely new yet relevant, the links to the forums are below the article.
The quoting options are needed too. This way if you want to quote, you don't have to open the forum in a new window first.

The forum categories can be selected like this. On the article post page it can be a button "Choose Forums". First you select the forum categories that are relevant to the news or to the blog in general. After that the smaller number of categories is presented on the post page each time an article is posted.

I think, it would be the next logical step for the blog. That would be beyond what you tried to do, beyond a comunity, that would make the blog into a discussion or philosophical blog where thoughts do evolve. Should you implement it, thank you in advance.

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Post by theanimewizard »

hyperion, do u have the sql to take off the old posts from the hyperion weblogs mod to this new one?

Bury Me In Smoke
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Post by Bury Me In Smoke »

Hey guys, could you tell me what file to edit so I can change the words "blogs" to "Journal" like where the "private messages, memberlist" are and at the bottom under "who's online" where it says "Most recently updated Blogs"...

Thanks for the help..


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Post by moodgard »

Bury Me In Smoke wrote: Hey guys, could you tell me what file to edit so I can change the words "blogs" to "Journal" like where the "private messages, memberlist" are

See the following lines in language/lang_english/lang_weblog_main.php

Code: Select all

// Configuration - Change the name of weblogs by editing these entries here.
// Remember that this is a PHP file, so you must use \' instead of '
$lang['Weblog'] = 'Blog';
$lang['Weblogs'] = 'Blogs';
$lang['Weblog\'s'] = 'Blog\'s';
$lang['Webloggers'] = 'Bloggers';
.. and at the bottom under "who's online" where it says "Most recently updated Blogs"...

It's part of the mod in index.php

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Post by Bury Me In Smoke »

That was exactly what I was looking for.. thank you kindly moodgard. :)


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