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[ABD] Redirection Pack

Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2005 10:10 am
by afterlife_69
Redirect Pack
is your forum in a folder when you want it in the root dir but its already indexed?
well with this pack your posts will keep there original url's but can be anywhere you want

Ok, to use this pack first move your files to there new location

1) Copy all files to the old folder
2) Open Config.php and the edit $url to where your new location is
3) Your Done! save and exit!

Link: Download Now!
Demo: /v2/viewtopic.php?p=56&sid=Demo
i moved my forum from public_html/v2/ to public_html/

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 8:34 pm
by afterlife_69
Anymore files i can add to this pack?

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 8:58 pm
by SquallX
I don't understant the utility of this MOD :?

I think is because my english is very BAD :lol:

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 9:07 pm
by afterlife_69
well say you install your forum in /forum/ and want to move it to /phpBB/
these files will allow proper redirects to your new directory

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2005 10:12 am
by danb00
err why not just move the files yourself and then update bthe filedir in the database?

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2005 5:55 pm
by Einstein
mod_rewrite can be used to acheive same result.

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2005 5:58 am
by wGEric
Author has been banned. If you want to take over this MOD, make a new topic. Locked.