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Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2006 5:47 am
by TheColbyJack
This thread deserves the bump :oops:

I'm just curious how far along you've come with the translating?

Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2006 5:58 am
by *=Matt=*
*=Matt=* wrote: Its not definitely limited in just french ;) Just look around a bit and you well find a url like this one :)


English translations

Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2006 6:30 pm
by Shadow503
If a cash mod compatible version is released you should be able to by new pieces to use.

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 8:09 pm
by clubchill
guys.. why would you post a FRENCH translated MOD on a predominantly ENGLISH speaking site?? And in addition to that post a MOD that's not even point/cash compatible.

*long sigh*

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2006 12:04 pm
by Blisk
Does this MOD work now OK, or not?

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2006 7:40 pm
by pH_Jason
I can't even find where to download it.

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2006 9:27 pm
by Blisk
yes that is a problem, but you can find it on his french forum, you need to search a little, but even version 0.37 have some bugs and I don't know if he repaired!


Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2006 7:32 pm
by PitPossum
Hello guys, how far is this game developed at the moment?
Is it still beta, or already done?

Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2006 8:34 pm
by Blisk
I tested version 0.37 but still does't work like it should!
A lot of bugs!

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2006 12:58 am
by IPlasma
the author said on this topic he stopped the development because of a lack of time so dont expect an update

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2006 9:21 am
by Blisk
Why people stops to develope their mods until they are finished and working well?

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2006 9:42 am
by IPlasma
if someones wants to going on with this mod he is free to contact the author

[Edit] Forget it all the variables are in french :oops:

Re: [BETA] MonopolyBB v0.3.7

Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2008 6:04 pm
i had a problem with 0.3.5a

when a user had compagnie_electric or compagnie_eau and an other user comes to this field, he must pay too much.
why can i change the price
in the database i find only the price (3000) to buy this 2 things...