More work done on my phpbb_fetch_posts portal

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More work done on my phpbb_fetch_posts portal

Post by barshemm »

Finally sat down and did some more work on the portal I've been working on. I was asked to help build a site and decided that the portal I was working on was the best bet to get it done quickly.

I had been stumped by extra blank posts mysteriously appearing below all my actual posts. Turned out to be something in my modified page_header.php. I actually didn't find out what it was, when I was working on upgrading to 2.0.1 I overwrote them and the bug went away, so I recreated them and everything worked fine. Go figure.

I did the update today, so not sure what bugs are floating around yet, but I'm looking for them. :)

Anyway, I've been working on modifing phpbb_fetch_posts to work within the phpBB2 architecture. Using the style sheets, themes, etc etc. I've actually moved it into the main phpBB2 directory, and made it index.php, changing the board main page to forums.php. I've also been working on getting the script to use the database functions already existing in phpBB2, and to store it's needed data there. It is now a success.

I'm using an early version of the script, modified to pull posts from all forums in category. This way I can have a News category, and several "news topics" underneath it. Eventually I plan to make it so the user can configure which news topics he sees on the main page, as my eventual site will most likely have a lot.

There are other various changes, especially to the header and footer. Also a lot of templates were modified to have a L_MAININDEX/L_FORUMSINDEX/L_FORUMS, U_MAININDEX, U_FORUMSINDEX, U_FORUMS instead of the old L_INDEX, U_INDEX. This was necessary because of the new page.

My next goals are
- Work out a bug I got in the "Who is online" that is showing people as viewing the FAQ when at the main page. I've added everything as far as I could tell I needed to have a new page_id, but it's not working right. I'll be playing with it more.

- Code clean up, the modifications to the phpbb_fetch_posts have left me a mess with main code, function, main code. I'm going to move the function out to includes, which will also give me the ability to have pages pulling from other categories within the site. Should be interesting when I get to it.

- Blocks. My site will most likely have just left side blocks, but I don't know if the other site will want right side ones also, so I'll most likely be adding functionality for those. I'll also want the user to be able to determine which blocks they want to see, with a default list of course. I've got a battle plan for it, just got to get other stuff out of the way so I can get to it.

- Topic images. Once I get blocks in, I'll have a better idea of how the site overall is going to look. Then I can work on having topic images. I plan to just add a field to phpbb_forums for a path to an image. This way if I decide I want the graphic to show on the forums index, and/or when people are reading posts in the forum, I can.

Check out the early site. The database has gone down some recently, so if you get database errors, that is most likely why. Of course it could be me tinkering with the code too.

Since you can't see the addition I made the board configuration page, I took a screenshot. At the bottom of the image you can see where you can configure what category to use for news, and where to set the amount of articles to show on the main page.

I may consider releasing the code when it is closer to completion. But I will most likely never really support it due to time constraints. I want to be able to package it up so it can install itself before I do that however, and I've got a lot more to write before I get to that point. Mainly I am showing you all so that if anyone has been considering doing something similar, they can see how I've done it.

Here's the screenshot


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Post by Jebus »

Good luck with your project.
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