[DEV] Site/Forum Tracking and Statistics

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[DEV] Site/Forum Tracking and Statistics

Post by snowfall »

MOD Title: Site/Forum Tracking and Statistics
MOD Description: This mod tracks users to your forums and related pages that use phpBB session handling.
MOD Version: 0.1.4

First off, I would like to just ask who might be interested in this mod (as I havn't seen one like this on phpBB.com mod DB) besides me, from how I'm developing it, it is really only useful for people who have added pages with phpBB session handling.

This mod will take the phpBB session handling (includes/sessions.php) and add a tracking module to the forums. It is losely based on Webanalyse (developed by Nanobody) another traffic analysis application that uses text files.

Scans of my design documents [ Page 1 ] [ Page 2 ]

Screenshots of Webanalyse [ Unique hit view ] [ Graphs ]
This isn't exactly what my mod will look like, this just gives you an idea of what it will look like in a completed form

It adds a new entry to a table for each time a new session is created (web traffic analysis lingo: a unique hit) and the referer of that hit.

Plus it adds a record of each page the user visits (with the exception of filtered ips/hosts and the ACP)

The statistics are viewable from the ACP using 3 key views:
Unique Hits (divided up into a day view),
Page Views (shows total hits to a certain page), and
Global Stats (has stats such as hosts, browsers, operating systems, top level domains, top referers)

The Global stats page interface will be mostly pie charts and graphs using the jpGraph OO graphing library (More information on jpGraph can be found here.)

Examples of the pie graphs are here.

Key Features
• Unique Hit tracking
• Referer tracking
• Page tracking
• ACP integration
- - Filtered ips/hosts
- - Graphical interface

[X] Logging hits, pages and referers
[X] Design of ACP modules
[_] Coding of ACP modules
[_] Coding of jpGraph components

Percent done: 35%
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Post by envirolink »

I would like something like this for my site: http://www.envirolink.org/forum but I would be happy to make this info public (ie: share it with users via a "stats" button or something). We use Webalizer for our overall site stats (http://www.envirolink.org/webstat/), but the phpBB exact usage is unclear, especially trend data.

I'm not a coder, but I'd be happy to test out any mods you build, just please don't cause it to trash my site! :wink:

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Post by raven007 »

umm...intresting mod, will be sure to have an eye on it.
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Post by rouxster »

Snowfall, have you developed this? I just posted a new thread looking for something exactly like this. Thanks.
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Post by figaroleo »

Such a MOD will be very Very Very Very useful; I'll use it when available...
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