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Re: Why?

Post by stephen_a »

estario wrote: Than why isn't it working? Has there been another complaint about a similar problem? I am pretty sure i did everything right.

Mine ran through easy mod with no errors on subSilver.

Doesn't do anything - can't see any Ajax style functionality at all
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Post by SuperFedya »

Great mod. But this work whit russian letters (encoding 'windows-1251').
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Post by baerenwurm »

Hi - is there any guide how to add just a few features and not all of it?
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Post by Krank »

i really can't wait for this MOD to be released, lol so how long will it take :) i love the features that mod adds
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Post by cynthetiq »

is there a way to disable the ajax when you are over pictures that have been resized?
Anas User
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A problem with AJAXed Mod

Post by Anas User »


I installed AJAXed v2.0.9b mod on my phpBB Forum.

Every thing went ok as I was using English Language.

I started translating the language strings to my language " Arabic "...

A problem arised which is that the translation doesnt appear correctly when using the Ajax options.

Also, if I try to use quick edit , what I write comes out in symbols after submitting.

I guessed that this problem is because the ajax.php file included with the mod is using utf8 encoding while Arabic is using windows-1256.

I opened the file and replaced utf8 with windows-1256.

After doing that I got this message for any line containg utf8 replaced:

Code: Select all

r /> Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in c:\apache\htdocs\bb\ajax.php on line 541
with changing line 541 to all lines that included the word utf8

How can I solve this problem so that the mod can work localized to my forum language ???

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Post by enderandrew »

Quick reply?

I know there are tons of quick reply mods, but I'm shocked that for consistency sake that there isn't an ajax implementation of quick replies and pm quick replies in this mod.

Would that be something you could add?
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Post by Krank »

*=Matt=* calling *=Matt=* lol

nah just kidding, take your time matt, mod is great, worth the wait :)
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Post by idiotnesia »

really nice mod i've been tested it.....

this is my request...
Quick reply with quote
so every post has quick reply icon and also it has quote the message. It will quote the message that you've clicked the the quick reply icon.

also one more Multi quote

all of them can we find in VBulletin. Jope i can use it in phpBB.
Alexander the Great
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Post by Alexander the Great »

Does this work with WYSIWYG editors?
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Post by Shaythong »


When using full mode, with words like:


that apostrophe

After clicking submit, then Quick edit in the post, the appostopahes turn into big foregn A
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Post by h23jy0q3ynq »

Am i still not suppose to install this?
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Post by Solinarius »

You scared developer :P too many requests, let him do his job properly ;)
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Post by Shaythong »

I got problems again?

I used a fresh phpbb w/ my quick reply w/ locktopic addons, and delete a post and got this with ajax:

r /> Warning: Missing argument 7 for update_post_stats(), called in /home/user/public_html/ajax.php on line 1417 and defined in /home/user/public_html/includes/functions_post.php on line 367

Hmm, looks like the locktopic when posting mod is causing this. Is there a fix?
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Re: [RC6] AJAXed 2.0.9 (MMW)

Post by *=Matt=* »

Holy snaps lol. I didn't think there was any new posts to this MOD. I'm totally wrong. I have everything done, then they go an release 2.0.22 :( I don't think there is any problem but I also I forgot to add the instant vote feature. Other than that I have been super duper busy with school and girls :( I'll see what I can get done this weekend well tonight. Also there is not going to be an upgrade file from 2.0.9 to 3.0.0 for the simple fact that everything is different and it would be too much work. In 3.0.0 I have made an extensive error log reporter. As for the quick reply. I could do that but its too late for requests but I could make it as a ADD-ON mod. I have to go for right now but I'll be back soon to see what I can get finished.

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