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[DEV] Quiz MOD v0.0.1

Post by ZaraX »

Im working at this nearly whole the time with it. I think it will be out in february or such. Since I only go on Junior High I got plenty time to work with it!
This i how far I have come:
  • [||||||||||] ACP Quizes
    [||||||||||] ACP Quiz Edit/New/Delete
    [||||||||||] ACP Quiz Codes
    [||||||||||] ACP Questions
    [||||||||||] ACP Quiz rankings panel
  • [||||||||||] Quiz List
    [||||||||||] Quiz Permissions
    [||||||||||] Quiz System
    [||||||||||] Quiz Rankings
    [||||||||||] The List Of All Quizes
  • [||||||||||] Overall
Add/Edit Quiz (First Part)
Add/Edit Quiz (Second Part)

:!: Random codes generated!
:!: Unlimited quizes and questions
:!: Highscore list with average correct answers
:!: Everything fully customizeable in ACP
:!: Choose who can take the quiz by posts, ranks and usergroups
:!: Anti cheat security, Every answer is saved in a DB after each question
:!: Logs of everything

Any comments on my ideas?
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Post by DeViAnThans3 »

This looks GREAT !!
Very adaptable i see, a thing i really like :D

congratz! :)
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Post by bonelifer »

The possibility of password protecting a Quiz. For controled environments.
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Post by ZaraX »

I've added one kind of password function.
The MOD adds a "Code" function.
It adds random codes that can be used one time only.

BTW: The scripts all planned in how to be coded! I only need to do the coding it self. I want to store every action done by a an user in the quiz in the DB. I think this will increase the security since users easely can hack Cookies/sessions or create own forms to take the quiz from an other page.

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Post by ZaraX »

UPDATE: The question admin will use phpBBs method of polls, And thus infinete questions unless the badwidth goes out or the server cant handle the big loops...

Alex Zuyev
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Post by Alex Zuyev »

The possibility to show/hide correct answers for a certain group of quizzes.
The possibility to add forum groups with certain permitions as users or/and moderators or/and super-moderators.
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