[DEV] Google Sitemap mod (resurrected)

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[DEV] Google Sitemap mod (resurrected)

Post by jhaskins »

I've dug up the code for my google sitemap mod & started working on it again. The biggest change is the mod no longer generates a single sitemap. Instead, it generates multiple sitemaps, each containing a number of topics that you specify and links them together with a sitemap index file.

In the near future, I hope to expand the scope of what gets included in the sitemap. For example, dcz has done some work on adding knowledgebase articles to the sitemap and we are discussing the possibility of incorporating that into an upcoming release.

What's new in 0.6.0:
- Added support for sitemap indexes
- Added support for topics that span multiple pages (all pages are now included)
- Added all publicly available forums to a sitemap

I've also included some optional files in contrib/mod_rewrite that will make nicer looking urls (ie no "?" or "="). You will need Apache with mod_rewrite to use them.

Known issues:
- If you are using the "eXtreme Styles" mod, "Add tpl filenames in html" must be turned off.
- The number of topics to be included in each sitemap can be defined in the admin panel. Currently, this does not account for multi page topics (ie a 2 page topic will generate 2 entries, but only be counted as 1 topic).
- Currently, only the first page of each forum is listed. I hope to address this in the next version.

What I need:
-Feedback: How well does this work for you? Have you encountered any major problems?
-Opinions: It has been suggested that I ditch the phpBB template system in favor of just using echo in order to improve performance. Any thoughts for or against?

Download Here
Wutan Brighton
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Post by Wutan Brighton »


Thanks for this. I have just installed and it works great :D

My forums are still growing, so I will update if I run into problems when I get more users / posts.

See my demo here:


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Post by bugfixed »

hello thanks for mod.

I'm using "GoogleBB Link Enhancement 1.2.1" and "Google Sitemap generator 0.6.0" how to using integration. ?

if your reply me I will be happy :) thanks.
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Name: raymond green

Post by rayminator »

link does not work it says HACKED BY IRAQIWARRIOR
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Post by 3Di »

As per the rules:
Any MOD found with broken download links will be locked on sight and MOD Authors can request their topic to be unlocked via PM to update the download link if they are still maintaining development of the MOD.

I'm going ahead and locking this Topic.

To the Author, feel free to PM me or any of the MOD Team members in order to get this released asap.

Thanks for understanding.

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