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Post by dcz »

Nice one, truly similar to pentapenguin's one, but on the index.

Though I am not sure it won't increase page load on big boards, did you think about implementing a cache for it since the word list does not change that often (could be only updated every 100 new post or every day, something like this).


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Re: [DEV] -> Tag Cloud

Post by todsob »

hi i want Tag Cloud but ,link that show ,Is Dead link Where can i find it
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Re: [DEV] -> Tag Cloud

Post by desbest »

plz plz plz release the tag cloud mod
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Re: [DEV] -> Tag Cloud

Post by alfanhendro »

would be great if can have a button, admin generate file, and will stay the same until click again. thus admin can choose the most un-intrusive time to generate list.
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Re: [DEV] -> Tag Cloud

Post by krisbfunk »

any work still being done on this?
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Re: [DEV] -> Tag Cloud

Post by mgoi »

I'd be interested too. all links in this thread are dead. Thanks
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Re: [DEV] -> Tag Cloud

Post by Adavis »

I am waiting for this mod too! Very interesting!
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